Great Products to Help You Live Your Best Life

Great Products to Help You Live Your Best Life

After a year of stress and very little decompressing, the time has come for you to finally shed that frown, go out, and get down with your best self! The world may be nutty, but thankfully, there is certainly no lack of amazing products to be found out there that will help kickstart your best life journey. Try one, two, or all of them. It’s time to treat yourself!

Relaxing Sleep Masks

No better place to get ready for a fresh start than with a solid night of sleep. While you are cozying up in bed, try on a night mask for added freshening benefits. You will wake up feeling extra refreshed, rejuvenated, and aglow. Your skin will thank you!

Bold Eyeshadow

Just because the rest of your face is no longer covered by a mask doesn’t mean your peepers don’t still deserve love and attention. Draw focus to those beautiful blues (or greens, or browns, or greys) with some bright, bold eyeshadow. It will boost your confidence and be a bright, colorful spot in the day to anyone you meet.

Shiny Lipstick and Gloss

And finally, you get to show off your gorgeous smile to the world again! Frame it with some fun, shiny lipstick or lip gloss. If you are wearing a bright, bold eye color, you may choose a more neutral lip tone with some glossy sheen. Or if you are feeling a little extra (and why not?), amp up the wattage with powerful colors on your eyes and lips. You deserve some color in your life!

Nail It

While you are snagging cosmetics, be sure to pick up some fun options for your nails. The options are seemingly endless: traditional hues, glow in the dark, colors that change in the sun, gel nails, press on nails, and so many more. Give yourself (and your friends, if you feel like some company) a nice spa day at home and try them all. Summer is the time to show off your fingernails and toenails, so take advantage of it.

DIY Hair Removal

Toss those old school razors in the trash and save the wax for your candle collection. With all the amazing advances in technology, it is no surprise that hair removal has become a science all of its own. You can even get super futuristic in your own home with a personal laser hair removal handset, like the KENZZI IPL device. It’s beauty care even Mr. Spock would approve!

Weight Around

You may not feel ready to head back into your usual gym for any number of reasons, but that does not mean you can’t get a great workout right in your own home. Buying a few sets of hand and leg weights for use at home can add a whole new dimension to those living room workouts. You can even strap them on to your ankles when you are cleaning up the house for your first big shindig with guests.

Stretch Yourself

Another great addition to your at-home workout space is a yoga mat. Not only are they great to be used for personal yoga sessions that you can find online, but these handy mats also roll and fold up so easily that you can take them along for a little stretch time wherever you go: office, vacation, family time, wherever!

…or Stretch Out

Another on-the-go must have is a portable hammock. Like so many products, hammocks are now being made with ease of transport in mind. You can find hammocks that roll up tight in a ball and fit in a small corner of your car, then fold out to a nice, cozy fabric swing that can be hung from virtually any support system with a series of ropes and knots. Curl up in a cozy cocoon in the afternoon!

Robot Maid

Okay, so it isn’t exactly how it looked in The Jetsons, but you have to admit that robotic vacuums, like the one made by Roomba, are extremely handy and extremely cool. Nothing like coming home every day to a clean floor, especially when sweeping and vacuuming is the last thing on your mind. Bonus: Roomba can be a great play pal for your cat!

Vitamins and Supplements

If you are working hard to get back into healthy eating habits and drop some of that quarantine weight, an arsenal of vitamins and supplements can be a great booster to those salads and smoothies. It is a good idea to consult with your doctor before getting too many types of pills (there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, after all), but generally speaking, a single multivitamin a day can do wonders to help you meet your body’s nutritional needs.

Rainbow Shower

You don’t have to wait for a rainstorm to enjoy a beautiful rainbow. Install one in your own home with a glow shower head. These LED shower heads change the color of the water with heat sensing technology. No batteries needed; they run on water power. Who says technology can’t be beautiful?

Back to the Essentials

Essential oils are incredibly versatile and aptly named; they are an essential for your best self journey. Nothing beats the wonderful feeling of the soothing caress and smell of your favorite essential oil blend on your skin. You can also use them to infuse the air in your home or office for all-day essence enjoyment. Breathe in the joy!

Non-sticking to the Pan

You have supported your local restaurants through takeout plenty this past year (good for you!), but now it is time for you to get back in the kitchen. Get back into the cooking habit by investing in a nice set of pots and pans for yourself. Non-stick pans truly make all the difference when it comes to the quality of your food and ease the clean up process after. Try out some new recipes for yourself; while there may be such a thing as too many cooks in the kitchen, having at least one is a good idea!

Bling Rings

Add a little shine to your style with some new jewelry. Jewelry accessories are so incredibly versatile and come in countless styles, colors, and price ranges. Go for some new casual bling, or try a bolder new style for yourself. If you need fashion advice, do some research on different jewelry styles, such as hip hop jewelry. You could uncover the key to a whole new look for yourself.

Drink Up

Your best life means a properly hydrated life. Get yourself a water bottle to take around with you and sip on throughout the day. They are incredibly handy and can keep your water cooler than a regular plastic bottle. Plus, they help the Earth keep at its best by producing less waste. Your water bottle can even be a fashion statement. Find one in a fun color you love and decorate it with stickers, glitter, and the works.

Your Best Self Starts with “You”

No matter which one (or two, or all) of these products you choose, pick the ones that stick out the most to you. Your very best life is one where you are having fun and feeling like yourself. Find some great new products that help express the very best of you!



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