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Comparing and Contrasting Pet Insurance Brands

When shopping for the best pet insurance, it’s always helpful to compare other policies to make sure you choose the best possible one for your pet. There are several pet insurance policies on the market. How do they stack up to Pumpkin? 

Walking through a pro and con comparison of Pumpkin vs. Healthy Paws pet insurance may not be easy, but it is necessary to help you make the most educated choice for your pet family members. 

Breed and Age Limitations

At Pumpkin, there are no age or breed limitations. At Healthy Paws, specific breeds and age limits are restricting, and your pet’s age can lessen the reimbursements you receive. 

At Pumpkin, we don’t limit senior or breed coverage possibilities no matter the age or breed of your pet. All Pumpkin insurance holders receive a 90% reimbursement rate, and you still get to choose the annual deductible that works for you, whether that is $100, $250, or $500.

This helps you and your beloved family pet rest easy at night, knowing that their care is covered even if they develop breed or age-related illnesses.

Full Examination Requirements

At Pumpkin, there are no “full exam” requirements to receive coverage. Some companies, like Healthy Paws, require a complete clinical exam before offering you pet insurance. There is no worse feeling than finding out that your sweet kitten or puppy isn’t eligible for coverage. Healthy Paws requires a “full examination” that has been completed within the past year or in the first fifteen days of your policy, or they will deny your coverage. They also require that a full exam is completed before filing your very first claim, and not having the examination can affect your eligibility.

Prescription Food and Supplement Coverage

At Pumpkin, we understand that pets’ different breeds, conditions, and ages can require prescription food and supplements to help them live a more comfortable and healthy life. Any prescribed food or supplements by your vet are covered. Healthy Paws does not cover prescription food or supplements.

Dental Illnesses and Behavioral disorders

At Pumpkin, we do not disqualify your beloved pet for having a dental-related illness or behavioral issues. We cover both. We understand that gum disease is common in both dogs and cats by the age of three and that behavioral problems affect almost half of all breeds of cats and dogs. 

Declining Care Due to Preventative Illnesses

At Pumpkin, we treat every single pet illness. With Healthy Paws insurance, your pet will be declined if they have a disease that could have been prevented with routine vaccines or preventative care. At Pumpkin, we understand that our pets come to our families from so many walks of life. While preventive care is encouraged and supported through Pumpkin, we do not decline coverage for illnesses that could have been prevented from vaccines or regular care.

Healthy Paws do not cover preventive or routine immunizations and medication. Staying up to date with your pet’s preventive care doesn’t decline to cover critical illnesses like parvovirus or heartworm disease if they skipped a vaccination or preventative treatment.

Preventative Care 

At Pumpkin, we prioritize preventive care. We want you to be able to care for your pets at every stage so you can ensure a long and healthy life and relationship with your pet. Catching a disease or illness early is central to our coverage beliefs. We’ve even created an optional Preventive Essentials Pack that covers annual wellness exams and vaccines for your pets at every stage of life. Healthy Paws does not cover or prioritize preventative care.

Expensive Unlimited Coverage

At Pumpkin, we made the researched decision not to over an expensive unlimited coverage plan. After our extensive research, we discovered that most pet owns were overpaying for insurance policies they didn’t need. Instead, we decided to offer coverage at fair pricing that provides the type of coverage that pet parents need most. Healthy Paws is quick to provide you with unlimited coverage without covering half the illnesses and situations that Pumpkin does. We offer coverage plans at different price ranges that truly fit into your budget and lifestyle.

Multiple Pet Equals Multiple Expensive Polices

At Pumpkin, you receive a 10% discount for every pet you enroll. Healthy Paws does not offer a multiple pet discount, so ensuring your entire pet family can be costly.

Choosing the Policy that is Right for You

While both Pumpkin and Healthy Paws share some similarities, some key factors are to be considered when making your final decision. 

Both offer one basic plan with accident and illness insurance. But it’s in the differences where Pumpkin excels. At Pumpkin, we cover accidental and illness-related pet bills because the unexpected does happen. Just like our pets, it’s their unique personalities and quirks that capture our hearts. Our pets are our family. Let Pumpkin care for your family as we do ours.

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