Everything you need to know about rodents and their treatment in Melbourne.

Rodents are a common pest in Australia. Because the weather gets colder, they are more determined to find food and shelter. A rat or mouse infestation in a home or business can pose a serious threat to human health and property. Allergies and allergic reactions can be triggered by them as well. Ticks, fleas, and lice are some of the parasites they can carry. As well as damaging drywall and wood, rodents can also chew through electric wires, increasing the risk of electrical fires.

Rodent pest control Melbourne and pest control services are essential for keeping people and their belongings safe. When it comes to rats, they can squeeze through gaps the size of a quarter, while mice can hide in holes as small as a quarter-inch wide.

Rats and mice are rodents that contaminate your food supply. Two sharp front teeth protrude from their upper and lower jaws, and they continue to grow over time. Toxic to the household as a result of their feeding on different materials as well as their excrement and excrement-damaged food. As a result of the rodent infestation, various allergies and illnesses are spread. By feeding them, they destroy their food sources and cause significant damage to households.

Insecticides, pesticides, and rodent pest control methods must be used to prevent them from entering the home. Follow the below points in order to avoid them rodent infestation.


Checking the entry points to your home

Ensure that all entry points are checked and sealed, as well as maintaining a high standard of hygiene in and around the house to prevent them from entering. If you find any gaps or holes in the foundation of your home, you should repair or seal them immediately. To prevent rodents from invading your home and causing harm to your family’s health, you must take many precautions. Rodents can be kept out of the house and out of the premises by taking a number of precautions. All windows and doors must be properly closed to prevent rodents from entering, and all entry points must be checked and sealed.

Maintaining homes to prevent rodent entry

A rodent control service can assist you in keeping your home clean. To get into your home, rodents need to have access to food that has been left out or unattended, and the accumulation of debris can result them in entering your home. In order to keep rodents out of the house, it is important to clean up the areas where food is prepared or stored, such as the kitchen and dining room. It is common for rats and rodents to enter your home through the kitchen counter and sink.

Hire a professional to assist you.

In the event of a rodent infestation, professional rodent pest control is a necessity, as is maintaining a high level of hygiene in your home, such as using sealed bags for food and toiletries. Use the services of a professional pest control company such as ours to take additional precautions to keep your home clean and free of rodents.

If a rodent invades your home or garden, a pest control service can also provide advice on how you can better maintain your home and what steps you should take to eliminate it. The rodent is poisoned and experts lookout for unaffected children and pets.

As a rodent pest control expert, our experts are trained to remove rodents and other pests from your house.

Services at reasonable prices and excellent customer service are available from our Brisbane office. The rodents that have invaded your home, such as rats, mice, etc., can be controlled by a wide range of pest control services that we provide.

Types of Rodents that can ruin your home include the following: 

Deer Mice Habitat– Typically, deer mice nest in rural areas where they can find old fence posts and tree hollows, as well as log piles. Deer mice are rarely a problem in residential areas, but they may wander inside during the winter months in search of shelter and food. Offseason, they may take up residence in sheds, barns or log cabins to avoid the harsh winter weather.

Hantavirus is spread by deer mice, which are rodent-propagated viruses that can cause kidney, blood, and respiratory diseases in humans. As a result of the urine, faeces, and saliva of infected deer mice, the virus is primarily transmitted through the inhalation of dirt particles.

House Mice- Nesting sites for house mice are usually dark, secluded areas within buildings. They’re exceptional climbers and can jump up to a foot in the air, allowing them to reach remote or inaccessible areas.

Using their teeth to chew through materials such as drywall and insulation, house mice can cause significant property damage. In addition, they were known to cause electrical fires by gnawing on wires in homes. In addition to being able to contaminate stored food and transmit diseases such as Salmonella, house mice can also pose a significant threat to human health.

Habitat of Norway Rats: As a rule, Norwegian rats prefer to spend the night in garbage piles or under concrete slabs. Fall, when food sources outside become scarcer, is the time of year when this species will prefer to nest inside of houses in basements, crawlspaces and other undisturbed areas.

Norwegian rats can cause serious damage to property by gnawing through unusual materials, such as plastic and lead pipes. They are also disease vectors, such as plague, jaundice, rat chunk fever, and cowpox virus, to name a few of them. Aside from that, this species can bring in fleas and mites into your home.

In your home, you may find any of the above types of rodents, which can be a source of worry for the entire family. For this reason, give us a call at Natural Pest Control Melbourne and we will be happy to assist you.

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