gemstones for engagement rings

Best gemstones for engagement rings

Buying gemstone rings for engagement is very trendy these days. If you are also thinking to jump on the bandwagon and focus solely on aesthetics, rings with gemstones are best to go with. Even if you are focusing only on the aesthetics, you will still have an edge on other rings because rings with gemstones are less costly and allow you to choose various colors to enhance the look.

Your engagement is your big day and just like anyone else, you want something that fits with your style and design of the dress uniquely.  Before this, you need to learn about various types of stones. If you want to purchase rings with beautiful stones, check out trilogy engagement ring at Solitaire Jewellery.


Sapphire stone is for those couples who want to have a coloured stone in their ring. Generally, sapphire is thought of as a blue stone. However, it is not always found in blue. You can get in colour of your choice.

These stones are highly durable and this is the reason, they are the first choice of people if they don’t want to go with diamond. The cost of this stone is a bit higher than other available options. The price varies also with carat and the size of the stone.


Alexandrite is another most demanded article to be fixed in stone and people like it because of the durability and stability it comes with. It is a beautiful sign of nature that is found in the colour which is slightly blue and purple. Although it is also a little expensive stone, if you choose a green variant of this piece, than you can have it at a slightly lower price.


Emerald is a stone loved by kings. It is found in nature in different shades of green. Emeralds are also loved by people because they have the tendency to resist scratches. However, you will be required to take care of them to prevent them from scratching. Due to this, some people don’t find this piece to be suitable for fixing them in the engagement ring. If you can handle your ring with care, an emerald can be a beautiful stone for your bride.


Diamonds have an irresistible sparkle that everyone loves to have. However, these days people avoid diamonds in their engagement rings because they are so common. But the good thing is that they are available in various shapes and colors. 

Diamonds are loved because they are very hard and durable. This is the reason, it is commonly said that one diamond can scratch another. You don’t need to take extra care of this classic stone because it does not get affected by the extreme weather conditions. In addition to it, they are the most classic gemstone


Morganite has been the bride’ favourite stone ever since it is being used in the jewellery. It is also becoming popular for engagement rings. They are generally used in combination with diamonds or with red hues to make the ring more appealing and beautiful.

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