The Adventurer’s Guide To Motorbiking Abroad

There’s nothing quite like planning a motorbike trip abroad. Whether you are just spending a few days of your trip on your bike, or opting to dedicate your entire trip to travelling by motorcycle, it’s crucial that you thoroughly prepare for the adventure that lies ahead.

One of the most important considerations when planning an overseas motorbike trip is whether to bring your own vehicle or to rent when you arrive. If you are going for an extended trip of a few weeks or longer, for instance, it may be worthwhile bringing your own bike or at the very least, your own helmet or gloves with you, just to ensure that you can ride comfortably in your very own pair of trusty Fox gloves rather than a lower-quality pair of non-branded, leased gloves.

On the other hand, if you are going for a shorter adventure, renting a motorcycle at your destination can often make better financial sense. The cost of shipping your bike will be dependent both on where you are going as well as the size of your motorcycle. If you choose to ship your bike ahead of time, be sure to do so well in advance as shipping times can be highly subject to change at the worst of times. For those planning to rent, it’s also important to book ahead to ensure you avoid disappointment when you arrive at your destination.

Let’s take a look at a few other tips to help you make the most of your next overseas motorbiking adventure.

Make Safety A Priority

Whether you are renting or bringing your own vehicle, it’s always wise to bring some if not all of your own safety gear with you. Safety certification standards are not always the same abroad as what they are here in Australia. Having your own gear will give you more peace of mind knowing that you have the best protection possible should something unfortunate happen. A helmet is essential, as well as a good quality jacket, strong boots and as aforementioned, a pair of trusty biking gloves.

Understand The Road Rules

Depending on where you are going, the rules of the road may be very different to what you’re used to at home, so it’s well worth taking some time to read up on the rules of your destination country as well as brush up on your own rider knowledge. In some countries, you may even need to adapt to driving on the other side of the road, which can naturally take a little getting used to.

Researching the rules of the road for the country you are visiting will give you more confidence when you are driving around. Knowing when you have right of way, what the speed limits are, and what type of driving to expect from the locals, can absolutely help you to prepare mentally for your upcoming adventure.

Plan The Right Routes

Regardless of whether you are riding for a few days, multiple weeks, or longer, it’s crucial that you research your route ahead of time. It’s important to plan your trip in the right season, as the last thing you want is to be battling strong winds and heavy rain while you’re trying to get from one place to the next. Look for places where you can stay along your route.

Alongside this, you should flesh out your itinerary and plan what sites you want to see in advance. In doing so, you’ll minimise feelings of being lost on the road, as well as ensure that all the routes you’ve selected consist of roadways that you will feel comfortable riding on. Paying close attention to your planning will help to ensure that you and any other riders on your trip stay safe, and that your adventure stays firmly on schedule.

Prepare The Correct Documents

When you are driving overseas, there is usually a range of documents that you will need to bring with you. Ownership papers for your motorcycle, tax documents, and your bike’s owner’s manual are all essential documents regardless of whether you’re travelling domestically or abroad. You will also need to bring your driver’s license. Some countries might require an international driver’s license, which you can apply for with ease online.

It’s also important that you get the right insurance to give you adequate protection for your trip. You will most likely need to take out a travel insurance policy as well as a motorbike insurance policy for your trip.

Of course, an up-to-date passport will need to be carried too, and you will need to do some research to find out what, if any, visas you may require for the destinations you will be visiting.

Enjoy Every Moment Of Your Overseas Motorbiking Adventure

With all of the planning and preparation now done and dusted, it’s finally time to start getting excited about the trip ahead. For many motorcycle enthusiasts, riding through some exotic landscape, taking in the views while pulling back the throttle is a once in a lifetime experience. Make sure that you don’t take this opportunity for granted and that you make the most of every single moment of this exciting adventure. With the right plan in place and the right people to share the journey with, you can be sure that these memories will stay with you for many years to come.

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