Sore Teeth: 5 Natural Ways to Remedy Toothache at Home

Did you know that almost 48% of adults aged 30 and older have some form of periodontal disease? Bacteria in the mouth is the most common cause of this disease and can lead to sore teeth.

This disease can be treated on its own with good oral hygiene and professional cleaning. Along with keeping up with these healthy habits, you can try home remedies to cure sore teeth.

Keep reading to learn five natural remedies that you can try today.

  1. Salt Water Rinse

When you have sore teeth, the first line of treatment might be a salt water rinse. Salt water acts as a natural disinfectant that can help loosen food particles and debris stuck between your teeth.

If you have oral wounds or inflammation in the mouth, salt water can help reduce this. To treat your toothache with this home remedy, mix 1/2 teaspoon (tsp) of salt into warm water and gargle it like mouthwash.

  1. Ice the Inflammation

You can fix sore teeth by simply holding a towel-wrapped bag of ice onto the hurting area for 20 minutes and repeating it every few hours.

A cold compress like this can relieve the pain and trauma you might be experiencing due to your toothache. This method can cause blood vessels to constrict making the pain less severe.

If you have swelling and inflammation from your toothache, this is a good option to try.

  1. Garlic

A unique treatment for sore teeth is using garlic on the infected area. This might sound weird but garlic has been used for its medicinal properties for thousands of years.

Garlic has antibacterial properties that can kill harmful bacteria that cause dental plaque. You can use garlic as a pain reliever by crushing the garlic clove to create a paste and applying it to the affected area.

  1. Vanilla Extract

You can cure sore teeth at home with vanilla extract because it contains alcohol that can help numb pain. The antioxidant properties in vanilla extract make it a great healer.

If you choose this method as a pain reliever, make sure to buy real vanilla and not imitation vanilla. Apply vanilla directly to the affected area by dabbing the extract onto your finger or on a cotton ball.

  1. Thyme Essential Oil

Thyme is a natural ingredient that can help treat sore teeth and gums. This plant has antioxidant and antibacterial properties that can help pain and fight bacteria that lead to tooth decay.

You’ll want to use thyme essential oil to apply to the affected area. You can dilute it with another carrier oil or drop some oil into a glass of water and use it as a mouthwash.

Try These At-Home Remedies for Sore Teeth

Sore teeth can occur for a variety of reasons, but if the cause is not serious, these at-home remedies might work. If your teeth have been sore for a few days, attempting to fix the problem in natural ways won’t hurt.

Teeth that have been hurting for longer or that cannot be remedied with these methods might be a sign of bigger problems. If you are experiencing severe pain for over a week, visit your dentist for help.

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