Business Bay: The business hub of the Middle East

Business Bay: The business hub of the Middle East

Dubai is filled with exciting neighborhoods and has places that both residents and tourists can

use. However, Business Bay is a place filled with unique places.

Business Bay has been growing in the past few years and is now filled with offices and

residential apartments. You can easily buy or rent a property in Business Bay with the help of

CRC property.

People are nowadays looking for Retail shops for rent in Dubai. So let’s take a look at why

Business Bay is an exciting neighborhood.

It has Dubai water Canal:

The opening of the Dubai Water Canal has made Business Bay even more famous. It provides an area with a waterfront, and people can pass through it using a boat. It has also allowed people to start more outdoor activities.

Furthermore, it gives a great view due to which people look for an office for rent in Dubai near

the Dubai Water Canal!

It is a great location:

Business Bay is an incredible location. It gives you access to the two main highways that are Al

Khalil Road and Sheikh Zayed Road.

Moreover, it is a twenty-minute drive from all major parts of the city. Thus, allowing people to

easily access all parts of the city. Also, all trendy places, such as cafes, Dubai mall, etc., are

within walking distance from Business Bay.

It has incredible views:

An interesting fact about Business Bay is that it does not have any houses. However, it has

enormous skyscrapers and a fantastic skyline.

Therefore, you will always see amazing views from everywhere in Business Bay. You will either

be viewing the Dubai water Canal or the impressive skyline filled with skyscrapers. Hence, if

you are someone who likes good views – Business Bay is the best place for you!

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