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TT Lakes Neue Font: Features and Benefits

The TT Lakes Font is a straightforward, practical typeface that was created with the idea that it would work well for just about any need.

Straightforward and useful sans-serif fontssans-serif fonts, TT Lakes Neue is inspired by the functionalism-era signs found in Finland. TT Lakes Neue is a typeface of a completely new level, despite its basic similarity to the once popular TT Lakes typeface. It has a much more mature approach to design, working with details, as well as its utility and versatility. It is safe to say that employing TT Lakes Neue in your work is like donning a pair of timeless jeans; they go with everyone and address any difficulty in life.

I’m happy to introduce you to the new official fonts. By TypeType, the TT Lakes Font Family was created. A contemporary geometric type family with square letterforms is called Lakes. It supports several OpenType features, including tabular figures and case-sensitive forms.

What are the features of Lakes Neue Font?

The essence of the entire font family is TT Lakes Neue Variable, although it has much more flexibility than that. The font variability in it can be simultaneously modified along three axes of variability: width, weight, and slant, providing limitless options in functionality and user settings. This feature is shared by TT Supermolot Neue Variable and TT Octosquares Variable. You will need the following to use the changeable font on a Mac with three variable axes.

Five subfamilies of it are available: Compressed, Extended, Condensed, Regular, and Expanded. Each subfamily has nine upright and nine oblique styles, for a whopping total of 90 faces, plus one changeable font and two outline styles. Unlike its predecessor, the new TT Lakes Neue has 28 OpenType features and 736 glyphs in each style. Old-style figures, a slashed zero, two sets of numbers in circles, arrows, and other useful features are included in it, including call,  ccmp, locl, subs, sinf, sups, zero, aalt, dnom, frac, ordn, lnum, numr, onum, case, ss01,  dlig, liga, salt, ss02, ss.

Benefits of lakes neue font

It supports open-type operations such as tabular data, delicate bureaucracy, and many more. Lakes, Lakes Condensed, and Lakes Compressed are only a few of the 54 types in the TT Lakes font family.

Ivan Gladkikh, the typeface’s creator, kept one thing in mind when creating this serif font. That is greatness; you may download it, put it to use for yourself, and get greater results. In addition, it includes a lot of features and supports 74 different languages.

To conserve as much internal white as feasible in the characters and keep their readability, TT created large visual compensators in the boldest styles from the narrowest widths of TT Lakes Neue. This is a maximum non-contrasting sans-serif that also features forced compensating in the fiercest variants. It has ovals that resemble rounded rectangles. The glyphs’ exterior corners were all rounded as well. The proportions of it typically have similar widths due to the rather wide characters.

TT Lakes typeface

The TT Lakes Neue font is an extended version of the standard TT Lakes typeface. It supports 104 languages, including Latin and Cyrillic script. Its bolder versions feature massive visual compensators that preserve internal white, ensuring readability. In addition, this sans-serif font includes wide characters and minimally-curved internal corners.

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