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Types Of Dental Dentures And What You Can Expect While

If you have lost your natural teeth for any reason, replacing them will benefit your look and give your smile back. Denture treatment is the solution to your missing teeth and benefits your appearance.

According to a survey conducted in 2018, there are more than 15,000 dental clinics in Australia, and almost a few hundred reside in Townsville. The demands for dental practice Townsville are rising as many want to fix their broken teeth and get dentures and cosmetic dentistry procedures. A denture is a treatment that refers to removable appliances fixed to your gums in place of the missing natural teeth. Dentures make it easy to eat and speak, which may have been difficult after you lost your natural teeth.

Types Of Dentures

  • Complete Denture– A full set of dentures costs between $2000-$4000 in Townsville. It is called complete denture when you replace all your natural teeth with teeth made of a plastic base to replicate the gum and the teeth. Complete dentures are mainly of two types: conventional and immediate.


After removing your natural teeth, you are fitted with conventional dentures after a few months. In contrast, immediate dentures are placed the same day you remove your natural teeth. The doctor takes measurements and makes models for your teeth to fit the plastic teeth. Complete dentures are usually done when most of your teeth are gone and after removing the left once to get a complete denture done.

  • Partial Dentures– The cost of partial dentures is between $300-$800 in Townsville, depending on the number of teeth. These dentures are either plastic bases or a framework made of metal. It supports the teeth that need to be replaced. It is used when few natural teeth are left, and you want to build a denture only for the remaining space.

This metal framework acts as a bridge, helps fill the space, and prevents other teeth from changing positions. Plastic partial dentures are used when replacement is necessary for emergencies and holds the natural teeth in place.

How Are Dentures Formed?

According to a survey conducted in 2010, 47% of the population above the age of 65 wore dentures in Townsville.

A denture is made after one or two visits to the doctor. It may take a few weeks and several appointments to finalize the size and shape of your new dentures. You need to keep visiting your dentist and your prosthodontist, who specializes in the replacement of teeth. This dental practice in Townsville involves:

  • The process starts after 8 to 12 weeks when the tooth is removed or lost.
  • The first step is to take a series of impressions of your mouth and molds of your oral tissue and finalize one of them.
  • Models and plastic replicas of your denture will be made and given for you to assess before casting the final denture.
  • After a precise examination of the models, casting of the final denture is done.
  • Your denture is ready for use, and adjustments are made accordingly.

A denture may last for 5 to 10 years if cared for properly. However, the quality also matters. Most people in Townsville prefer snap-in dentures as it is considered the best quality. Hire a reputed dentist

in Townsville or contact an excellent dental clinic to find what is ideal and suitable for you.


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