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Under which circumstances can you avail multiple claims under your Health Insurance?

Health Insurance policies are bought to reduce the burden of health-related expenses and medical emergencies off the shoulders of policyholders. However, the soaring price of medical costs make it difficult for insured individuals to incur reimbursement for the entire expense of the treatment at hospitals. Therefore, many policyholders procure multiple insurances from multiple insurers to gain maximum profit.

In this blog, we are discussing the various circumstances under which availing multiple health insurance claims are allowed. Further, we will also know how you can claim  health insurance from multiple insurers.

So, what are the circumstances under which you can avail multiple claims of your health insurance from multiple insurers.

Circumstances to avail multiple claims under your Health Insurance

As you already know that buying or availing any number of health insurance is allowed to policyholders as per rule. But can they avail claims for the same expense from different insurers.

Here, you must understand the circumstances that allow insured individuals to avail claims from different insurers. An insured cannot make a claim for the same expense from different insurers. But if the cover offered by one policy is insufficient to meet the expenses of the treatment, in that case the policyholder can use another health policy to cover the expenses with the second policy.

Process to Claim Health Insurance from Multiple Insurers?

In case of raising claims from multiple plans, the policyholder is required to first raise the claim from the first insurer. Once you get the summary of the claim settlement from the first insurer, you can approach the second insurer by making a claim to settle the remaining expenses of the bills.

The process of settling claims is via two ways:

Cashless Claims

Reimbursement Claims

Cashless Claims

For cashless claims, the policyholder must get the treatment done at a network hospital. So, in this case you must approach the first insurer and ask for the summary of claim settlement. Once done, submit the summary and attested copies of bills to the second insurer so that they could settle the remaining amount as reimbursement.

Reimbursement Claims

On the other hand, in case of reimbursement claims the policyholder is expected to pay the hospital bills first and claim a reimbursement later once they are discharged from the hospital.  In this case, the insured should submit attested copies of discharge papers, bills, and claim form etc. to the insurer to get compensated for the expenses.

Here is a list of documents that are required to make a reimbursement claim:

  • Discharge Papers
  • Copies of bills
  • Copies of lab reports
  • Prescriptions
  • Any other medical copy like X-ray films, slides, etc.
  • Claim form, and
  • For multiple claims you need claim settlement summary as well

You might also be interested here in knowing whether you can avail different insurance plans from the same insurer.

Can I buy different Health Plans from the same Insurance provider:

Although you can buy different health insurance plans from the same insurer and raise multiple claims, you must understand that it might involve varied terms and conditions. Yes, having different health plans from the same insurer might sound easy in terms of convenience and documents. But as already stated, it might cause hassles depending on the terms of the policy of the insurer. So, it is important to read the policy documents well and clarify any doubts regarding making multiple claims from the same insurer before buying the policy.

To Conclude

It is essential to note here that if you are willing to buy multiple health insurances, you must inform and be transparent about the policies to your insurance providers. Because if you hide facts from them, you might face challenges at the time of making claims.

Buying different insurance plans from different or the same insurance provider is your discretion as per your choice and convenience. However you must imbibe the various benefits of the different plans before making a purchase. Insurance brokers like serve here as the right option in this case as they guide policyholders in a better way about the policies and the benefits that they can obtain from different plans.

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