Understand these quick steps to download your GST certificate

What is Goods and Services Tax Certificate (GST Certificate)?

Goods and Services Tax Certificate is a valid document and acts as proof that it is registered under Goods and Services Tax in India. WE’ll also  look into how to download GST certificate. According to the rule provided in the GST act, any business entity In India whose turnover exceeds the required threshold limit for GST registration is required to get registered under GST. The business entities must represent their GST registration certificate at their business places to avoid any penalties. It is ideal that these businesses also use GST billing software.

Contents of GST Certificate

1) GSTIN- GSTIN refers to Goods and Services Taxpayer Identification Number. It is 15 digits that are assigned to the person registered under GST in India. GSTIN structure includes the State code, PAN, Registration Number, Alphabet Z, and Check Code.

The format of GSTIN is PAN-based and specific to each state. The first two digits indicate the code number of the particular state as every state has a unique two-digit code of its own. To help you out here, below is the list of states with its code.

State Name TIN Number State Code
Andaman and Nicobar Islands 35 AN
Andhra Pradesh 28 AP
Andhra Pradesh (New) 37 AD
Arunachal Pradesh 12 AR
Assam 18 AS
Bihar 10 BH
Chandigarh 04 CH
Chattisgarh 22 CT
Dadra and Nagar Haveli 26 DN
Daman and Diu 25 DD
Delhi 07 DL
Goa 30 GA
Gujarat 24 GJ
Haryana 06 HR
Himachal Pradesh 02 HP
Jammu and Kashmir 01 JK
Jharkhand 20 JH
Karnataka 29 KA
Kerala 32 KL
Lakshadweep Islands 31 LD
Madhya Pradesh 23 MP
Maharashtra 27 MH
Manipur 14 MN
Meghalaya 17 ME
Mizoram 15 MI
Nagaland 13 NL
Odisha 21 OR
Pondicherry 34 PY
Punjab 03 PB
Rajasthan 08 RJ
Sikkim 11 SK
Tamil Nadu 33 TN
Telangana 36 TS
Tripura 16 TR
Uttar Pradesh 09 UP
Uttarakhand 05 UT
West Bengal 19 WB

2) Title of the Business- This is the information regarding the title of the business entity which is registered under GST

3) Type of the Business- This includes the information regarding the type of business, whether Partnership, Company, Proprietorship, Trust, etc.

4) Principal Address of the Place of Business- This includes the information regarding the principal place of business being performed

5) Period Of Validity- This information, as the name suggests, furnishes the validity period of the GST registration certificate.

6) Information regarding the Approving Authority- This information includes the information regarding the Approving Authority, which usually includes the Name, Designation, Jurisdictional Office, and signature of the Approving Officer.

Is it Necessary for you to register for GST online?

Mentioned below are the ones required to get them registered under GST

  • Individuals of Businesses which deals with Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) or Tax Collected at Source (TCS)
  • Businesses carrying inter-state business
  • Agents carrying out business on behalf of registered principals
  • People who pay tax under Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • Businesses that have an annual business turnover that exceeds the specified threshold
  • Non-resident taxable suppliers of products or services
  • Businesses performed over E-commerce portals
  • UN bodies and embassies
  • Other notified authorities that include Government bodies

Documents Required for GST Registration

Some of the essential documents required for GST Registration include:

  • Valid Personal Account Number (PAN)
  • Proof of constitution of business or certificate of incorporation
  • Proof of primary location of the business
  • Evidence of the appointment of authorized signatory
  • Photograph of stakeholder or the authorized signatory

In addition to the documents mentioned above, different entities must submit certain documents depending on their situation.

How To download GST Certificate?

Taxpayers post completion of their GST registration can download their GST Certificate via the GST portal is Let’s see how to download GST certificate.

Step 1: Visit the online GST portal and log in with your required credentials.

Step 2: Click the Services menu, select User Services, and hit the View/Download Certificates option.

Step 3:  You can download the GST certificate by clicking on the download option.

Summing up:

GST allows everything to be conducted online, such as return filing and application of refund. All work is done under a single website. Also using a GST billing software makes compliance easier. We hope this article has helped you understand the steps to download the GST certificate.

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