Is bitcoin effective in changing the world

Is bitcoin effective in changing the world?

If you have heard about cryptocurrencies, you must have heard about blockchain technology. It is the technology on which almost all cryptocurrencies are based on. In the crypto space, blockchain technology is considered one of the most influential technology in finance, business, and computer science. Many traders are coming forward to invest in bitcoin through Immediate Edge, which states that it provides an opportunity to make money. 

If you are unaware of blockchain technology and its working, you need to uncover its working and learn about it as blockchain technology changes the present and future. Instead of reading from other online sources, read here as this article will provide you with a complete understanding of what blockchain technology is and how is it changing the way of working. 

What exactly is blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology came into existence in 2009, and the first and most trending cryptocurrency in the crypto space, Bitcoin. It is the technology that allows information and payments to be made without involving intermediaries. Blockchain technology works on the proof of work consensus method, and therefore it works by eliminating the need for intermediaries. In simple words, a blockchain is a digital ledger that records all transactions using a huge computer network. Because the records recorded in the blockchain ledger aren’t controlled or governed by anyone, these are easily accessible to people across the world. 

Blockchain is a distributed public ledger that makes record transparent to everyone. It works in a decentralized way which helps reduce the risks of hack, attacks and corruption. Working in a decentralized way makes blockchain more secure as compared to other technologies and methods of working. 

However, blockchain was introduced with bitcoin, but its advantages aren’t limited to bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Let’s dive into the way of working blockchain and learn how it helps change the world. 

Enhanced marketing and advertisement

The best thing that businesses can gain from this new and emerging technology is enhancing public relations and marketing. For instance, businesses and PR firms can estimate the number of mentions and clicks they get on their social media handles are from bots or real humans. PR firms and companies can determine the human engagement they receive, which can help them be positioned better. 

Companies that use blockchain technology can get an idea of the right statistics, which can help them improve their marketing efforts. 

Improved healthcare

Before the emergence of Blockchain technology, there were many issues in healthcare systems, but blockchain has provided multiple solutions to the issues in the system. Blockchain has helped maintain the medical records and make sure that no one tampers with them. It is important to have authentic medical records to know the history of patients and uphold justice in any legal cases.

This technology also helps with consent management. The appointment list of patients can be tracked with the use of blockchain technology. 

Increased cybersecurity 

Blockchain was developed with bitcoin, and it was developed with the motive to facilitate safe transactions. It is of no shock that blockchain technology is changing the world by driving security in today’s time. With the use of blockchain technology, clients or customers will never hesitate while sharing their documents.

 A plethora of blockchain applications have been developed to provide more security to user’s data by limiting access and improving user authentication. There will be fewer reports of security breaches by using blockchain applications. 

More funding for startups

The new and best way to raise money for all the blockchain startup projects is through Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). Businesses that want to conduct ICO campaigns need to know that they need to generate a white paper explaining the entire structure of technology, stating how it was developed and other highlights. With the help of ICOs, blockchain startups have become possible as people can gather the required funds. 

Conducting financial operations in a better way

Blockchain is highly affecting the finance sector as it allows and makes easy cross-border transactions. Makes recording and verifying the process of transactions easy by using the public digital ledger. Other benefits that it provides in making financial operations easy is by allowing fast and low-cost transactions. Blockchain is the future that will replace traditional banks. 

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