Applicant Tracking System 

Uses of Applicant Tracking System 

Uses of Applicant Tracking System. An application tracking system takes care of the most painful job that you think is.  An application system takes the pain of getting all the files in person and checking them physically. There are a lot of uses for recruitment software as they can be used in every industry.

After studying psychology and having hands on experience with dealing with a variety of people the advantages of application tracking system have become something that I can represent even without thinking about. The information about ATS software is listed in the article with the details that are compulsory.

Knowing an ATS

Before you get to the advantages of using ATS you should actually know what ATS software does. ATS software like the name elaborates keeps tracks of the applicants that have applied and those who are eligible depending on the way you have used them. The candidates that are fit for the firm or the company are kept track of with ATS and the candidates are organized as well.

How does ATS perform?

ATS actually performs by parsing the resume of the candidate. Through parsing the resume is divided into different sections and this makes it easier for ATS to perform its tasks.

Relevant keywords are searched in the sections and the eligibility criteria are compared with the given data. In short, ATS works like a filter for the recruiter and only sends relevant candidate data to him. Applicant Tracking software

It is hence often referred as a talent management system.

5 Uses of Applicant Tracking System

Now to know why we need ATS, we need to know the uses of such software. Being a filter, the job of ATS is to act like a filter so its uses are that of a filter but its much better than a filter.

It makes it easier for the recruiter to find the right candidate and it even helps them find the skillset they are after. The following are the ways through which ATS can be helpful or the advantages of ATS are following.

#1. Time saving

The most important thing that is never enough with dealing with the recruitment process is time. Time is defined to be equivalent of money. If a person does not have time, then the person will be able unable to go through the files of all the candidates and the person won’t even be able to shortlist the candidate that is suitable without having enough time.

The problem is solved by a talent management system. As the working of ATS has been explained above. You can learn how time is saved. As, only the data of relevant candidates is forwarded to the recruiter. So, the time the recruiter would have had spent checking all the files one by one gets saved pretty easily.

#2. Resource saving

Time aside, the other thing a person wants to save most are the resources as everyone has limited resources and saving is the best way to et through. Without proper resources, no documents can be sent, nor can any document be checked, and no interview can take place without proper resources.

The scarcity of resources is something that needs to be avoided however it may be.  The approach of ATS also comes handy in this process as well. ATS can save resources as you don’t have to physically meet the candidate and only the candidate that gets shortlisted by ATS are seen or went through the file. Thus, saving the resources of the user.

#3. Convenient job posting

Posting jobs can be hassle but ATS comes with convenient ways for you to post your jobs. If posting jobs can be convenient then hiring could become much more easier than that.

So ATS can make this hurdle much easier than anything. The jobs can be posted automatically and even sent to the best candidates that are available so that they can know that the company is hiring people. This makes posting and getting applications easier at the same time.

#4. No paperwork hassles

Managing the paperwork can be one of the toughest jobs when hiring a new member for your team or hiring a new employee. Paperwork can take a toll as the more the candidates apply the more the paperwork that needs to be done. Candidates that have no relevancy to the work sometimes also tend to apply and that just makes the job tougher.

The solution is fetched with ATS as well. The employers or the recruiters are free from the hassle of paperwork as all the work is done digitally without any inconvenience. Digitalization of data makes it easier for you to access and the recruiter can get the prints later if you want.

#5. Improve communication

If a recruiter issue is having a communication issue with their team or any issue with contacting the candidate even, then ATS come sin play. It improves the ways of communication between everyone that is installed in the whole process.

The last word

The conclusion of this article is simple as all the advantages of the Applicant tracking system are explained above. Recruitment CRMs have taken a lot of place in modern day recruitment because of their benefits. Hope the article was helpful. Thanks for reading,

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