Some Astonishing Facts About Trees We Had No Idea About!

By now, we are aware of the importance of trees for our ecosystems and even the environment as a whole. Trees are known for their contribution towards maintaining the health and beauty of our amazing planet. Therefore, we need proper tree maintenance services such as the Trees Down Under to maintain the trees in and around us.

Trees provide us with shade from the scorching sun, tasty fruits to fill our bellies, beautiful flowers, and most importantly, oxygen that is essential for our survival on this planet. Yet, there are times when we need to get rid of certain trees that might be causing some sort of problem for us.

However, it is never right to cut down trees, but such circumstances arise when there is no other way around, then we must plant more trees as a replacement. Therefore, here are some less-known facts about trees.

1. Trees Tend To Grow Stronger When Someone Cuts Off Their Branches:

No matter how contradictory it may sound, it is very well established that trees grow stronger when their branches are cut. Trees survive on limited resources, and cutting down a couple of branches helps the trees to allocate those resources where they are most needed.

However, one must always make sure to hire some professional such as the ones available in Trees Down Under to carry out such a task. Failing to do so might lead to some bad consequences where it causes more damage to the trees than making them stronger.

2. Medicinal Values Of Certain Trees:

Medicine being manufactured in factories is a relatively new concept because most of our ancestors have relied upon different trees and herbs to cure themselves earlier. As a matter of fact, what most of us fail to realize is that even popular medicine such as aspirin was originally made from the bark of willow trees. Trees are very rich in different nutrients, and biological compounds are used to make different useful drugs for treating illnesses.

3. Trees Can Grow For Years When Left Undisturbed:

There is a colony of a type of trees known as the Quaking Aspen trees spread across 105 acres in central Utah and have been around for almost eighty thousand years currently. These trees seem to have separate when seen above the ground, but under the soil, the roots of these trees are connected to each other and also genetically identical.

This is just one of many such examples of how long trees can live on this planet as long as they are not interrupted with external forces pushing them to the extreme.

4. Natural Water Filters:

Another way that trees make our planet a better place to live is by filtering the water. Trees are always drawing water from the soil and other places through highly efficient roots and leaves. This prevents the excess water from running down at high speeds and causing unwanted damages to the livelihood around.


Trees are very important for ensuring the smooth functioning of different ecosystems around the world. Therefore, we need to act responsibly and make efforts to preserve and conserve the little wilderness that we have left on this planet.

Even if we need to cut a tree, we must hire professionals from the Trees Down Under who can assist us in doing it in a way that causes minimum damage to the ecosystems and environment.

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