Ways to effectively prepare for B.Ed

What is B.Ed?

B.Ed is best known as the Bachelor’s degree which is mainly undertaken by prospective individuals who are intending to undertake teaching as a profession in schools. Considering the case of the Indian education system no individual will be allowed to interview for a school teaching post unless they have completed bachelors in education.

It is mandatory for every prospective teacher to undertake this two year course to showcase their eligibility in becoming a school teacher. It is important to address that the bachelor’s of education is in no means considered to be an undergraduate degree. Therefore it is  very important for prospective candidates to complete their graduation before they can pursue this professional course.

It is important to highlight that the following course can be undertaken both in the form of distance education as well as in the form of regular modes. To achieve this objective there are several Online course selling websites available on the Internet that can help students complete their B.Ed degree.

Most of these course selling website gained importance especially during the covid-19 pandemic with the help of online education it became possible for students to complete this degree so that they can get employability opportunities in the Indian education market.

Importance of B.Ed?

Bachelor of Education or B.Ed is considered to be one of the most important professional courses when it comes to working towards being a school teacher in India. Through this course it becomes possible for schools to gain a better understanding of the experience of the teacher and whether they are qualified enough to support the students.

In most Indian schools, it is mandatory for teachers to have this degree where they have been able to gain a better understanding on how to help students and make the teaching process easier and more interesting. It is only when teachers are effectively trained that it becomes possible for teachers to understand the problems being faced by the students and provide solutions accordingly.

Eligibility Conditions

The eligibility criteria is of utmost importance when prospective teachers are intending to learn the art of teaching. The educational qualification that needs to be followed is that candidates will be required to have completed their graduation in any particular stream, such as arts, Science or even commerce. Moreover candidates are also required to have graduated with at least 50%-55% of marks in their respective subjects.

However there is no set age bar present when it comes to undertaking a bachelor of education so that the skills of a teacher can be learnt. Only the minimum age required is that every candidate needs to be at least 19 years of age before they can pursue this professional course. 

Ways to prepare for it

It is important to highlight that there are some specific qualities that need to be present in every candidate so that they can be eligible to be hired as teachers in schools. This includes their ability to have better communication skills and organizational skills. This is because both of these skills are of utmost importance to provide better support to the students.

It is also important for the prospective candidates to be present with confidence and critical thinking ability as well as patience as they will be dealing with children most of the time.  The teachers also need to be quick learners and have empathy so that the students feel comfortable when dealing with the teachers.

There are several entrance examinations that are undertaken by most colleges so that only the best candidates are selected to be studying the following course in the best colleges across India. In most cases the aspirants need to attempt questions from either two or three sections with the first section being devoted towards language proficiency. The rest of the sections consist of testing the reasoning aptitude of the aspirants as well as their knowledge in the selected subject that they are appearing for. The major examinations include CUCET, RIE CEE, BEET Exam and so on.


In conclusion it can be stated that the following professional course of B.Ed is very important for aspirants intending to become a teacher and teacher in Indian schools. Therefore, they should have a knowledge about the pattern of examinations as well as the colleges that can provide them with the best support.

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