Wellmien Health Care

Wellmien Health Care

Wellmien has continued to manufacture and supply healthcare products around the globe. Making quality and hygiene its first preference, Wellmien has marked an impact on the market for the last fifteen years. Proper check and balance with the international quality standards and certifications assure that their products are up to the market standards. The staff and the management are highly skilled and have been in business for a long time, and they indeed depict their expertise in their particular departments. Furthermore, there are proper departments for researchers, engineers, and scientists to improve the effectiveness of the products to help improve the usage and impact of the products. The medical supplies manufactured include Personal Professional Equipment (PPE), medical consumables, outdoor emergency equipment and, beauty care products.

Personals working in Wellmien Health Supplies

Wellmien has an adequately constructed architecture when it comes to its employees. From researchers to engineers, marketing to customer service, designing to production, they build up a team to facilitate each other to manufacture what we see as an outcome. With precise product knowledge, market awareness, and the required skill set, the company continues to provide the best possible services.

The company includes three hundred employees. The factory outlet and the sales headquarters are located in Jiangsu, China, cover an area of 8000 square meters.

Product Description

All these products are passed by the CE certification of the European Union (EU) and have FDA Medical Device Listing.

Disposable Personal Professional Equipment (PPE)

Such items are required in hospitals, clinics, and even first aid kits as these are essential to maintain hygiene. Furthermore, after the coronavirus, the demand has escalated. Disposable PPE includes surgical masks, dust protection masks, disposable gowns and aprons, shoe covers, gloves, and disposable bed sheets. Every detail regarding the items is mentioned on the website, from size to material.

Medical Consumables

There are three different categories in medical consumables: Wound care, Dental care, and testing consumables. Wound care products are often found in emergency wards and first aid kits. These are used for fast healing and include products such as hydrocolloid dressings and silver dressings. Dental care products are used in daily dental operations and have dental bibs and floss supplies. Lastly, testing consumables are products and pieces of equipment used to verify and test out a medical procedure. These include products, for example, micro pipette droppers, surgical blood lancet, and disposable vacuum blood collecting tubes.

Outdoor Emergency Products

There are occasions where the hospital or clinic is not nearby, or the person needs urgent help and does not have enough time to seek help. In such scenarios, outdoor emergency products come in handy. Such items include CPR masks, vomit bags, and emergency sleeping bags.

Beauty Care Items

As Wellmien health care focuses on hygiene products, it also produces beauty care items to maintain cleanliness. Such products are often required in ladies’ and gents’ salons, for example, disposable ladies ‘ bras, cotton towels, and hair-cutting aprons.

Target audience and market

Wellmien has successfully expanded its sales around the world, especially in countries such as Europe, Africa, North America, South America, and Southeast Asia. The company has made over 10 million USD every year by sales and revenue.

Services and Customer Care

Every product manufactured is available with complete details on the well-handled and well-maintained website of Wellmien. Every product is categorized under sections, so it is easy to find and search. Moreover, only realistic and authentic images are presented to make the customer well aware of what the product looks like. Details such as material, size, expiry, and manufacture dates, every major to a minor point are mentioned alongside.

The customer service team is responsive 24/7. Online services are available through different communication means to provide the customer convenience to use any medium they find easy to use. The customer service is always swift to reply to any problems, delivery details, or particular product details. You can also keep track of the order you placed by staying in touch with the customer service team of Wellmien health care.

Purchasing Method

The website makes the purchasing method efficient and convenient for users. Once you have selected the item and the quantity, you can contact the customer service team through WhatsApp, phone call, or email. The relevant details are available on the right bar of the website. Then, review the quotation provided and complete the confirmation and sampling procedure. Wellmien also gives the facility of receiving a small sample to check the item before purchasing in bulk. This way, the customer can assess and test the product and be satisfied. After confirming the order, there are different methods by which you can pay. Payment procedures include Paypal and L/C. You can also drop your concerns and questions in the contact us weblink for other inquiries and details.

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