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What are Explainer Videos and How to Use Them Effectively

With competition increasing every day in almost every field, it has become essential to change the ways one promotes their business. If you want to last long in this race of competition, it’s vital that you plan and carry out marketing strategies accordingly.

One such marketing strategy that is prominent among brands these days is creating explainer videos. If you are worried about the creation of these explainer videos, do not worry, there are specific explainer video production companies who specialize in making explainer videos and would do this job for you. This article is all about what exactly explainer videos are and how to use them effectively.

What are explainer videos?

Let’s quickly talk about what explainer videos are. The keyword here is “explain”, suggesting that explainer videos are used to communicate with the target audience. Explainer videos communicate with the audience regarding the product or service being offered. Explainer videos are not just about the product but also the problem it aims to solve, and the approach being used to solve the problem.

How to use explainer videos effectively?

Knowing about a strategy and putting it to use but using the strategy with further tactics to ensure maximum results is what makes one stand out in the crowd. You are already informed about explainer videos, and you can leave reading here and go on with creating explainer videos for your business. But, NO, wait… You still don’t know the ways in which you can use explainer videos effectively for your business. So, keep reading further, as we explain it to you.

Maintain the textual-to-graphical content ratio

One very important thing that most people do not pay attention to is how and what the content should be. Just creating an explainer video will not do the job. The explainer video should be easy to understand and comprehensible. How to achieve that, you may ask? Make sure that the explainer video is not just all text and has no images or videos or any other kind of graphic material. But also, don’t overdo it. Having all graphical content and no textual content in an explainer video is equally dangerous and not at all advisable. So, the takeaway is that you need to maintain a very healthy balance between the textual content and the graphical content of the video.

Make the videos interesting

The most difficult job in the business field is to capture the attention of the customers. Even if you make an explainer video about your product or service, the customer is never going to search for the video on their own. You need to make the explainer videos interesting enough to grasp the attention of the viewer at once and capture their value to earn profits by returning value to them.

Keep it short

Think of explainer videos as an elevator speech where you have a fraction of minutes to attract the customer, explain to them about your product or service and tell them why it is better for them to invest in your product compared to other products/services in the market. No one would want to watch a long 2-hour explainer video just explaining a company and its product. This is exactly why we suggest that you set an optimal video duration length and keep the video not too short and not too long.


Explainer videos have been in the hype recently and slowly every company is using this strategy to promote their business. Even though explainer videos are getting popular, you can still outdo others if you know the right ways to make an explainer video. We hope with this short guide you will now be able to create and use explainer videos effectively.

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