What Are The Essential Volleyball Training Aids?

Volleyball is a team sport and a popular sport in most colleges and universities. It is basically a type of indoor sport that provides character-building skills such as leadership, respect, communication, teamwork, and much more. Volleyball allows the players to experience success by building their mental fortitude. Apart from the jump, attack, and serve, there are certain other rules of the game that the player should learn first. Volleyball training trainers or coaches play an important role in developing the skill of the players. However, different types of volleyball training like volleyball spike trainer, sports pass rite, ball grip replacement set, etc. are designed for individual use.

Rules of Volleyball

  • Volleyball is played by two teams on a playing court which is decided by a net.
  • Each volleyball team has six players who rotate one position clockwise every time they win back service from the opposition.
  • Volleyball has developed into a very significant sport. The backcourt players can only hit the ball over the net when they jump from behind the attack line.

Volleyball training aids

Acquiring all the volleyball playing skills can be easier when one uses the training aids. It is an exceptional way to get trained all alone even without the help of a trainer or team members. All volleyball training aids come with unique designs and they come in different sizes. Be it serving, blocking, or hitting, different moves need different training skill sets. When practicing the skills with solo training equipment, there is no chance of human error.

Here are different training aids for volleyball:

  1. Volleyball Spike Trainer: It is a very simple training aid that is designed to improve the spiking skill. There is a large hook attached to a pole, basketball rim, garage ceiling, or any other surface.
  2. Ball grip replacement set:  This equipment comes with adjustable straps and plastic knobs that fit firmly on the palm of the hand. There is also a loop fastener on the back that helps in adjusting the tightness of the straps.
  3. Pass rite: Spiking, passing, and serving, three are the main techniques in a volleyball game. Pass rite is a great self-training equipment that comes with lightweight wrist and ankle cuffs to minimize ball contact and interference.
  4. Spike trainer basketball hoop: These spike trainers are perfect for improving the jumping, hitting, and arm swing. They are easily adjustable and come with an adjustable cord. Use it for enhancing hand-eye coordination, and improving reflexes.
  5. Blocking aid: It is another crucial piece of equipment designed to attach to any location on the net while practicing volleyball. There is a thick foam padding that acts like a real block to practice defending. The players can practice with these blockers to perfect the skills of hitting around and through the block. No more risk of hurting the opponent’s finger.

The role of handgrip to spike a volleyball

When developing the skills of volleyball, a trainer must teach every detail. The handgrip is one of them. It is required to acquire a position that maximizes the ball control. The hand position is crucial for any volleyball player for improving forearm strength and grip strength. The Ball Grip Replacement Set works great for eliminating too much hand contact by reinforcing proper hand replacement in the ball while setting. They can be used by solo athletes, coaches, and teams of all levels and ages.

Why use volleyball training aids

  • Using the volleyball training equipment is a better way to get trained all alone.
  • The smart and unique designs are perfect to train with any size of the ball at any height.
  • It’s also great for building the confidence of a player.
  • Practicing with the training aids is a more precise way to perfect the cane without any human error.


All the volleyball training equipment is designed for the easy practice of arm swing, enhancing the serving skills, proper passing, limiting excessive upward arm movement, etc. Be it a volleyball rebounder or the ball grip replacement set, they can be used for self-training. So, take the help of the training aids and practice at the comfort of the home.

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