What are the Wire Rope Cleaners And Wire Rope Lubricator Accessories

Prior to lubrication, Wire Rope Cleaners eliminate impurities or built-up old lubricant from wire ropes, increasing the lubrication process through the Viper WRL’s effectiveness. The Viper ‘Smooth Bore’ rope cleaner is offered for specific types of wire ropes when the normal Wire Rope Cleaner is not suited. The Smooth Bore Rope Cleaner is often used on ropes with a large number of non-rotational ropes, ROV cables, outer strands, and other applications where the troughs between the strands are limited and a normal Rope Cleaner is difficult to operate. For further information Visit Website. Also, you can prefer Steel wire rope which is one of the best options for your work.


Viper seals are meant to interfere with the rope in some way, depending on its size and kind, with up to 3mm of interference allowed for normal 6 and 8 strand ropes. Because compact, non-rotating, or wireline ropes without valleys do not allow for the same amount of seal deflection within the collar, a maximum interference of 1mm is advised.


Because wire ropes in use might vary in size, Viper recommends personally measuring them before obtaining seals and scrapers. To account for rope flexing, scrapers are somewhat bigger than the actual wire rope size.

Manual Rope Cleaner Viper

This highly constructed collar provides unique guiding for both our standard VRC and Smoothbore cleaners. Two high-density poly guide bushes are included in the collar, which keeps the collar and hence the rope cleaners centered on the wire rope. The following products are included in the Solution Kit for the Viper Manual Rope Cleaner: 2 × D Shackles, 2 x Tie Down Straps, VMRCS – Custom Collar

Cleaner for Wire Ropes

Wire Rope Cleaners clean wire ropes of contaminants or older lubricants before lubrication, making the Viper WRL lubrication process more efficient.

Available in a variety of sizes for 6 and 8 strand ropes. Prior to selecting and buying the Viper Rope Cleaner, all ropes must be physically measured, as rope sizes may fluctuate in service.

Rope Cleaner for Smooth Bore

The Viper ‘Smooth Bore’ rope cleaner is designed for special types of wire ropes that aren’t suitable for the standard Viper Rope Cleaner. Smooth Bore Rope Cleaners are frequently employed on ropes with a large number of ROV cables, non-rotational ropes, outer strands, and other situations where the troughs between the strands are restricted and a normal Viper Rope Cleaner is not readily available.

If visual checks are included in the rope maintenance routine, the old lubrication can successfully conceal faults that could lead to failures that could have been avoided. This crust must be removed and replaced with a high-quality lubricant before effective lubrication can occur.

Viper Rope Cleaners allow contaminants or built-up old lubricants to be removed from wire ropes prior to lubrication, enhancing the lubrication process via the Viper WRL.

Conclusion:- The Viper ‘Smooth Bore’ rope cleaner is offered for specific types of wire ropes where the conventional Viper Rope Cleaner is not suited. Smooth Bore Rope Cleaners are most typically employed on hose cables with a significant number of non-rotational ropes, outer strands, ROV cables, and other applications where the valleys between the strands are narrow and a traditional Viper Rope Cleaner would be difficult to operate.

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