What is a Portable Mill

If you work in landscaping, land clearing or general contracting, or you have to deal with clearing land and by proxy clearing trees, you probably heard a lot of talk about the concept of a portable chainsaw mill. But what is a portable mill, and what can it really do for you?

Well, whenever you look at a piece of land that has one or more large trees that need to be removed, you audibly grown, as do your workers, knowing what backbreaking, time-consuming and truly hazardous work that is going to be. It’s a lot of work to chop the tree down, even with modern equipment, and unless you are an absolute expert lumberjack, you never know where the darn thing is truly going to fall. On top of this, the dangerous and intensive work of cutting, sectioning and loading this to get out of the way is just downright unpleasant. It takes forever, it’s labor-intensive and therefore expensive, and you can only do so much to recoup the cost of this through reselling the butchered pieces of wood as firewood or mulch.

With a portable mill, however, if you have access to lumber producers in your area, can easily section off the trees into small but still profitable sections that you can easily load intake to them for a more profitable reselling of the street waste. Of course, that’s not going to be super common, predicated strictly on living in an area where such a facility might exist, in which case you will probably be competing with actual loggers, facilities are near where the trees are cut.

However, you can produce better quality, more consistent firewood, or easily section it into very small and loadable pieces to throw into a mulcher that aren’t so backbreaking and dangerous to move. These portable chainsaw mill concepts are modular, being hauled around in pieces, able to be set up where the tree is, adjusted for the type and size of tree, and then they can be used to safely and somewhat automatically section off the tree into manageable chunks, this chunks being adjustable to your end goals. They are extremely safe, much safer than the old way of hatchets, hand saws and chainsaws.

These include multiple failsafes to prevent the machines from continuing to run after an accident, they have many safeguards to prevent accidents in the first place and have multiple checks built into them to make sure that they can’t be set up incorrectly and still work, potentially costing lives or destroying the equipment.

If you are interested in one of these, your best option is going to be to shop online where you can find precisely the right model of portable chainsaw mill you need for your business, and at a price that is very competitive compared to brick-and-mortar establishments. Still interested? Excellent, CNC Engineering has the best selection of specialized equipment like this and more to make your professional life and that of your employees so much less painful and much more profitable in the future!


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