Unattended Cremation

What Is Involved In An Unattended Cremation?

An unattended cremation, often also called a direct cremation, is an alternative to a traditional funeral, but the difference is that no one attends a service and there are usually no mourners present during the cremation process. It is worth knowing that it is still a highly respected option for anyone concerned about this type of send-off.

There are more essential points to consider, though, and it is important to understand direct cremation UK services before making any other arrangements and to help you decide if this service is right for you and your loved one.

This article will break down precisely what an unattended cremation comprises, for your peace of mind, and to help you gain all the necessary information you should need.

Why Would I Consider An Unattended Cremation?

You may have questions such as this, and to answer them, you must know what is involved in the process.

When the day of the cremation arrives, your loved one is driven to the crematorium in a private ambulance. A chapel attendant remains with the deceased for the time of the cremation. In addition to this, the cremation provider/s will also stay until the process has finished. There are usually no mourners present during the unattended cremation.

A direct cremation can be a preferred option for many because of the more affordable aspect when compared to traditional burial services. Also, the pressure of having to organise a large funeral with food, flowers, and a hearse, among other things, is avoided.

Knowing that a more intimate or private gathering can take place at a later stage might appeal to you as well, because of the time-pressure and emotional whirlwind that takes place when a loved one passes away.

Another reason why people consider direct cremations is the privacy they offer. In a time of heightened sadness, it can be challenging to deal with people. In the case of an unattended cremation, this is avoided.

Your Loved One Is Cared For And Respected

Although no ceremony or service occurs before your loved one is cremated during an unattended cremation, the crematorium where it will be taking place will always be incredibly thoughtful about taking the utmost care of the deceased.

At no point will your loved one be left alone, meaning that you can have comfort knowing that they are sent off with dignity and attentiveness. However, if you do feel unsettled, the cremation providers are happy to discuss things with you in more detail. The most crucial point to remember, though, is that your loved one will be laid to rest in peace.

What Happens After The Unattended Cremation?

Once your loved one’s ashes are ready, they can either be delivered to you or scattered in a special memorial garden by the cremation providers.

If you choose to receive the ashes, it can be an opportunity for you and your family and friends to say your final goodbye to the deceased. Whether you decide to scatter the ashes in a special place to the deceased, or wherever you are most comfortable, a ritual like this can offer much-needed closure.

As no ceremony took place on the day of the cremation, you may find it a good time to have your small gathering if you wish.

An unattended cremation is simply an alternative to a traditional burial. There are advantages to choosing this route, such as the affordability and absence of pressure. However, it is entirely up to you to decide how you would like to send your loved one off.

The same amount of love and respect present at a traditional funeral is found at the unattended cremation. Your loved one is in the hands of experts. You can rejoice in the prospect of having an intimate gathering at a later stage, or when you decide on what to do with the ashes. Either way, you will be guided through the whole process, and your loved one will leave the world peacefully.

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