What is Nike's online marketing strategy

What is Nike’s online marketing strategy?

Initially operating as Blue Ribbon Sports, Nike, Inc. and its “Just Do It” with a world-famous swoosh is the brand that does not require any introduction. History and numbers behind Nike’s success keep inspiring:
  • Founded by two people―Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight―today, the multinational corporation employs 76,700 people worldwide.
  • Nike’s market capitalization was valued at over $114 billion US dollars.
  • According to Ahrefs, Nike’s official website has over 32.1 monthly visitors and boasts DR 90.
  • The brand’s global market share in athletic sportswear will remain 27.4 percent between 2011 and 2025.
Like Magento extensions by Mageworx enrich Magento 2 businesses with new valuable features, Nike’s marketing strategies serve as a priceless repository of information that sets the bar for many SMBs and large enterprises over decades. So what marketing strategy does Nike use to generate so much buzz around the brand? Let’s dive right into it.
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Nike’s marketing strategy

That’s a dream come true for any brand to become distinguishable and recognized. But what marketing mix helps the leading shoe brand stand apart and maintain its dominant positions in the market?

Sell stories―not product descriptions

You know your products from cover to cover. Descriptions are instantly updated. But the so-expected sales growth is well over the horizon. Sounds like the story of your business? The truth told: you’ve got bogged down in perfecting product descriptions. Confess. How often do you finish reading such content? Many are familiar with the majority of offerings available online. Meaning, the consumer won’t dedicate much time to discovering beautifully worded content. However, as social beings, we’d certainly find out how your product has helped a real-life person achieve specific goals. That’s what Nike did and keeps doing. They collaborate with celebrities and influencers that share experiences of success, including dealing with specific footwear of the brand, and thus make Nike desirable and associated with victory. Consider selling meaningful stories, not product descriptions.
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Make checkout flow hassle-free

Checkout page optimization must become a science soon. Seriously. Checkout is certainly a stumbling rock for many businesses. Issues, mal-performance, bugs, too many clicks, twisted steps, forced registration, few payment and delivery methods, unexpected fees, unsecure payments, absence of credibility… The list of reasons that lead to checkout flow abandonments is worth a separate blog article.
Image source: Nike As you see from the screenshot, the required steps are clearly articulated. Plus, the vendor uses a delivery-oriented approach to their checkout flow, i.e., a shopper is offered to choose between “SHIP” and “PICK UP” tabs. The required fields to fill in change accordingly:
The good thing is many CMSs seem to pick up such an approach to checkout and offer their users similar functionality. And the process of integrating needed functionalities becomes facile. For example, in Magento 2, the Mageworx’s One Step Checkout Suite extension will let admins create equal checkout experiences. Polish the checkout flow to perfection, instantly.

Never underestimate social media

Image source: Instagram If we just set aside the impressive Nike’s social media metrics, you will hardly find a post with ideally pictured sportswear that shines all by itself. Nike’s profiles align with its main strategy. We see stories of real people who achieve goals and positive experiences while wearing the famous sportswear. The company promotes body-positive vibes by creating emotional content. Sports must bring pleasure and should not be conventional. Nike depicts in every possible way what it means to be an athlete, and their sneakers often seem just an accessory, not the goal. Importantly, the brand not only tells people’s stories in their social media channels but actively communicates with the target audience. Any regular user has a chance to receive a comment from a vendor to their posts:
Image source: TwitterConsider making your social media content a user-generated one.

Make shopping personal

That may sound like ancient history. However, masses don’t buy, but individuals do. Shoppers just love limited quantity items. Alternatively, design personalization and custom messages are often a solution to offer. Thus, Nike offers Nike By You that allows shoppers to personalize the design of selected trainer models. There are consumers (such as Gen Z and millennials) who seek ways to express their personality and uniqueness. Product personalization options allow appealing to these segments and benefit from their desire to customize a product. How can you adopt that? Do your research, explore trends in your niche, and monitor predictions to secure new possible personalization opportunities.

Wrap up

Despite the global economy slowing down, Nike remains at the top of the game. This brand certainly has a lot to teach marketers and business owners, and we hope that the strategies mentioned above will help your brand soar to new heights. Big things have small beginnings. “Just Do It” persistently, and impressive results won’t be long in coming.

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