What is the Future of AI? Three Areas that Will See Major Changes Soon

People everywhere are starting to become familiar with Artificial Intelligence, at least in some form. Smart devices, navigational instruments, and other devices are now considered commonplace in many parts of the world.

But what does the future hold in this realm? Let’s take a look at a few of the predictions for new advances and how they will impact our lives.

Advancements in transportation

We’ve all seen the early versions of driverless cars, either on TV or in person. These types of vehicles will expand in the future to become available for anyone needing assistance getting around. The blind, injured, or otherwise physically impaired will find it infinitely easier to move about their daily lives. These vehicles’ mechanisms will become more sophisticated and they will be better able to discern and navigate traffic patterns, physical obstacles,, and other road-related issues.

Other new advancements will include smart devices that assist in parking, pedestrian detection apps, and updates in traffic flow analysis.

Similarly, trains are pioneering autonomous versions that will soon become more widespread. Even air travel will be affected as autopilot mechanisms are becoming more sophisticated and will even be able to land commercial aircraft in the future.


AI is also transforming the world of medicine. Major advancements are being made in medical devices, which will be connected to online information in real time to inform and advise patients on how to effectively manage their devices. The information will also help people better understand medication requirements and what people’s particular needs are at any given time.

In addition, apps such as Google Home (which connects smart devices in the home such as cameras and lights) and Amazon echo (which can connect people to doctors upon command) will be of immense help to people in emergency situations.

Another big area that will be made far more refined is that of imaging. AI is already working to expand the amount of data that it can utilize to detect previously undetectable spots and patterns in images. This will make a big difference in early prevention of diseases. In addition, smart technology is becoming available that will enable people to themselves spot problems at early stages. These innovations include things like smartphone apps for skin cancer detection.

There are also much larger-scale developments taking place that promise to revolutionize healthcare in general. Google is developing what it calls a Deep Mind Health Project, which will allow for extremely large amounts of medical-related data to be processed within very short periods of time.

The workplace

We’ve already seen some jobs being eliminated as a result of technological advancement. Store clerks, for example, are rapidly being replaced by auto cashiers in many places. But the changes won’t stop there.

AI is developing to take on the role of HR specialists and recruiters. Machines are being programmed to analyze candidate requirements, understand the finer aspects of job positions, and even determine character suitability for different positions.

Aside from this, there are many other professional areas that are due to shrink in terms of human requirements as a result of AI. Because of language developments, AI is poised to perform proofreading and translating functions with increasing accuracy.

Customer service is also being overturned as artificial intelligence services and solutions are advancing to encompass a wide range of customer needs. Logistics is also seeing increased machine activity as drones and advancements in intelligent software eliminate the need for human intervention.

The future awaits

These are just a few of the areas where AI will change people’s lives. Some of the changes will make our lives easier, and others will cause challenges as low-skilled people become displaced from their workplaces and have to scramble to find new jobs.

For better or for worse, though, progress can’t be stopped. The best that we can do to prepare for the tidal wave of changes is stay on top of things so that we know what is coming.

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