What is the highest-paid crypto affiliate program?

The crypto industry is developing rapidly, expanding the earning opportunities for users. In addition to providing investment and trading services, many companies offer affiliate (referral) programs LetsExchange crypto referral program that allows you to receive good passive income in cryptocurrency without additional investments.

Although this kind of selling is still in its origin, it is getting energy. At the same time, crypto companies get the opportunity to reduce the costs of increasing their client base, and program participants – to earn their percentage of the income of the invited user.

To join the referral program, you just need to register on the platform and receive a unique URL with a code for the subsequent identification of the person (referral) who came to the site on your recommendation.

Here are some of the most successful and lucrative affiliate programs to take advantage of.

How does the OKEx affiliate program work?

Unlike Binance, which needs any pre-existing courses to change someone to engage in cryptocurrency affiliate applications, OKEx provides people and businesses without each great network to enter their affiliate program. Users can join its affiliate program by referring 10 customers who make purchases over $ 100. Nevertheless, OKEx additionally needs a network of support from users who have competed in its affiliate program, although this is not as significant as Binance.

Another important feature of this program at OKEx is its period, which has been extended to 180 days. In other names, users who have followed OKEx affiliate programs may just benefit from their actions after 6 periods. OKEx platform requirements include compliance with its risk management measures, which prohibit any kind of fraud or gambling with accounts.

Affiliates are further prevented from doing the name in the wrong data to encourage somebody to follow OKEx. Certain are simply several of the demands of the program.

How much can you earn as a partner on various cryptocurrency exchanges (Binance, OKEx, Nominex)?

let’s understand how much you may get with them in the cryptocurrency business. To discover, we observed at the referral and affiliate details of the crypto markets Binance, OKEx, including Nominex. Interestingly, while Binance just pays personal referrals, Nominex and OKEx members may additionally accept gifts from referrals and sub-affiliate projects. On OKEx, there is simply one-tier for sub-affiliates, while Nominex applies an infinite amount of lines, enabling users to get prizes also from the action of someone 1,000 levels below them (for example).

In addition, Nominex offers 7 types of affiliate bonuses, such as:

  1. Bonuses from trading expenses of direct referrals: 20-40% of expenses made by direct referrals on the exchange.
  2. Team farming bonus: 5-20% of the lowest total spending generated by all people in one of the teams.
  3. Bonus from staking direct referrals: 5-20% of those farmed by direct referrals
  4. Leadership bonus: 10% ($ 2.5) from each team reward received by a direct referral
  5. Promotion bonus: a one-time payment for the end of a certain number of team cycles
  6. Bonus for helping a team: get up to $ 25 depending on the activity of direct referrals.
  7. Quick Start Bonus: $ 50 to the first completed team cycle, subject to reaching a certain rank. A team cycle occurs when both teams to the right and left of the partner spend $ 250-250 on trade commissions.

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