Temporary Tattoos

5 Outfitting Tips to Emphasize Your Body Art

Tattoos have become much more socially acceptable in the past years, and rightfully so! Tattoos are expensive pieces of permanent art and deserve to be shown off.

As the stigma surrounding tattoos dwindles, the days of covering up body art are in the past. Ink can enhance your overall appearance and serve as an accessory to your outfit.

Not sure what to wear with tattoos? Keep reading for some of the best fashion tips to help you show off your ink.

  1. Show Them Off!

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Body art from reputable tattoo shops is undoubtedly expensive and deserves to be displayed. Weather permitting, don’t be afraid to show some skin.

From backless tops to accentuate beautiful back pieces, to shorts that show your thigh tattoo, there are plenty of ways to highlight your body art. Similarly, for sleeves, you can wear tank tops or cap-sleeve shirts.

  1. Avoid Patterns

Unfortunately, some patterns can clash with the tattoos you have. For example, wearing a paisley print dress can be incompatible with a cherry blossom tree sleeve.

If you want your tattoo to be the focal point of your outfit, avoid busy patterns and loud attire.

Similarly, you can choose one color from your tattoo color scheme and base your outfit around that. This is a great way to complement your tattoos.

  1. Go Neutral

After avoiding patterns, you’ll want to stick to neutrals to help complement tattoos. If you have bright colored ink, try sticking to white or black monochrome outfits.

This will help draw the eye to the tattoos and emphasize your ink, as opposed to the focus being on your clothing.

Going neutral doesn’t have to be boring. You can add interesting textures and accessories to stay monochromatic while creating visual interest.

  1. Lace Overlays

Looking for a way to juxtapose your ink with feminine elements? Wearing lace atop your tattoos is a great way to add a pretty component to your body art.

Also, if you want to make it known that you have a tattoo while choosing to wear something more modest, closed lace is great to wear with tattoos, whereas an open lace will show off more of your ink.

  1. Jewelry 

One great way to style your tattoos is to add jewelry. Accessories can help create a beautiful framing effect, helping to add texture to your skin.

If you have hand or finger tattoos, you can easily add dainty rings. This can help enhance your tattoos without distracting from your ink.

Similarly, if you have a thigh piece, wearing a thigh chain with shorts or a dress can help you show off your body art. Chains also add an interesting texture to your outfit.

Your Body Art Is the Best Accessory

Tattoos are beautiful pieces of artwork and should be treated as such. Whether your body art has special meaning, or you simply think it looks pretty, don’t be afraid to emphasize your ink.

The most important tip to remember when thinking about tattoo fashion is to wear what you like! While these tips can help complement tattoos, wearing what makes you feel confident is key.

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