Fogging Machine

How to Use a Fogging Machine

Did you know that nearly 700 million people a year contract diseases from mosquitos? Mosquitos, along with other insects are a health hazard. Not only that, they can damage your property or business by moving in where they don’t belong.

Looking for a way to get rid of them before they impact your health or business? Consider using a fogging machine to get rid of insects fast.

Wondering how to use one to get a bug-free home or business? Keep reading to learn how to use a fogging machine and see results.

How Does a Fogging Machine Work?

Fogging machines work by heating up liquid insecticide using a heat coil. Once the insecticide is heated to a fine mist, you spray this fog across surfaces. The mist, or fog, will be very fine, and sometimes is barely visible.

You can use a fogging machine in the following locations:

  • Home
  • Business premises
  • Garden sheds, storage containers
  • Offices, schools, warehouses
  • Your home garden or home orchards

Look for a quality insect fog machine built for your needs. If you plan to spray indoors only or want a hybrid, you can find a fog machine that fits your needs.

What to Consider When Buying a Fogger:

Before investing in a fog machine, you’ll want to research your options. You can work with a fog machine rental company, but that may add up.

You’ll probably want to decide when and how often to use a fog machine. Over time the fog machine cost per use will make it worthwhile to get your own.

How to Use a Fogging Machine

First, you want to remove any delicate items from the space you’ll be spraying. This mist is not very wet but it will leave a fine layer on everything in the space.

Open all drawers, doors, cupboards. This ensures the bugs can’t hide.

Wear protection or use gloves, according to the directions on your fogger. Plug the machine in near the exit of the room. Start in the furthest corner of the room and work backward.

Lightly mist everything in the space with a fine coating of the fog. It helps to leave windows and doors open for ventilation in the room.

Check your fogging machine’s directions. Also, consult the instructions for the specific insecticide you choose. They may recommend leaving the space for a set time, while other brands do not require it.

This depends on the ingredients in the fog machine fluid. After you use a fogging machine, the results should last between 72 hours and up to 3 weeks. This depends on the machine, the space, and the type of insecticide you use.

Keep Pests Away for Good

Using a fogging machine is a simple way to keep healthy. Your home or business will be free from insects that harm or damage your property. Using a fogging machine is easy to do.

Simply spray a fine mist on the space you want to purify with a little preparation beforehand. You’ll see results in no time, and enjoy an insect-free space fast.

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