Colostomy Bag

What Is The Life Expectancy Of Someone With A Colostomy Bag?

Through a colostomy, you get an opening created for your large intestine or colon through your abdomen. Your colostomy could be temporary or permanent. People usually go for this operation because of a bowel injury or surgery. A temporary colostomy will bring your colon’s side up to an abdomen opening. On the other hand, permanent colostomies are mostly ‘end colostomies.’ The colostomy surgery is uncomplicated. You will feel no pain during it as you will be under general anesthesia and hence, unconscious during the operation.

What Is A Colostomy Bag?

During an end colostomy, your colon’s ends are stitched to your abdominal wall’s skin to make an opening known as a stoma. Your stool will drain from your stoma into a colostomy bag, which is a pouch attached to your abdomen. You can make your life easier by inserting your colostomy bag into custom colostomy belts.

What Should You Eat If You Have An Ostomy?

Even if you have an ostomy, you can consume whatever you wish to. A colostomy will not change the functioning of your digestive system. If your doctor agrees, you can resume your regular diet and eat what you want to. However, specific foods will affect the digestive system differently after an ileostomy or colostomy.

Just as you experienced gas with some foods before the surgery, certain foods would most likely give you gas even after an ostomy. Some people may opt to consume gas-causing foods and drinks only at home. However, you need not be too self-conscious and avoid eating gas-causing foods altogether.

Certain foods could cause urine odor, incomplete digestion, constipation, diarrhea, and gas. However, how various foods affect you will depend on your body. If you do not know whether a food item will negatively affect you or not, try eating it at home before eating it outside. This way, you will not have to worry the next time you attend a social event as you would know what foods suit your digestive tract. It is also a good idea to drink plenty of water and thoroughly chew your food.

Should You Participate in Sporting Events After An Ostomy?

Having an ostomy does not prevent you from participating in sporting events. After you recover from your ostomy surgery, you can enjoy activities like before. However, you will have to exercise caution if contact sport is your favorite hobby as you could easily get injured while playing. It would be pretty dangerous if your stoma, the opening from where urine and waste products leave your body, is injured. It would be best to avoid rough sports. Yet, if you wish to continue enjoying such activities, you should ask your ostomy nurse or doctor about the precautions you should take. And the unique products you could use during these activities to protect your stoma.

After your surgery, you should begin lifting weights only after consulting your doctor. To reduce the risk of complications, you should wait till the surgical incision heals before lifting weights. Your ostomy nurse or doctor may recommend a device that supports your abdomen during weight lifting.

You can use a binder or special belt to keep the ostomy bag in place if you fear it would loosen and leak during athletic activities like swimming and running. Your local medical supply store might have specialty products for people with ostomies.

Will You Be Able To Work After An Ostomy?

After you have healed from the surgery, you can go back to work eventually. However, it would be better if you ease back into your work schedule. It might take some time to feel more confident and adjust to your ostomy. Until you reach that stage, you should do little work.

If your work involves lots of lifting or manual labor, your doctor might recommend methods by which you can protect the stoma while working. You should not worry too much as you can transition back to your routine by returning to work.

Will An Ostomy Hamper Your Life?

A colostomy will bring a significant change in your life. Adjusting to it will be difficult initially, but soon you will learn to adapt and live with it. You can still enjoy an active life after a colostomy. Colostomy equipment is secure and discreet, which will make it easy for you to do most of the things you enjoyed before the operation. If you want custom ostomy solutions for yourself, visit

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