What Is the Safest Way To Move a Gun Safe

What Is the Safest Way To Move a Gun Safe

If you are in the process of moving and aren’t sure how to properly move a gun safe, don’t worry, it’s not as intimidating as it seems.

Many Gun Cabinets owners make the responsible decision to invest in a gun safe to securely store their guns and valuables. However, they become easily overwhelmed when it comes time to move it.

This is because they don’t know the best way to move a gun safe. This is why we’ve put together a list of tips to help make the process of moving your gun safe as swift as possible.

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Prepare Your Safe

The first step in learning how to move a gun safe is preparation. Start by clearing out all of your guns and other valuables from the safe. These only add weight and should be stored separately during travel.

Your guns and personal belongings might shift during transit and become damaged, so consider using alternate means to transport them securely.

Next, wrap your gun safe in thick moving blankets to prevent damage.

Rent the Right Equipment

If you are learning how to move a large gun safe, you want to collect the right equipment. The larger the safe, the heavier and more prone to causing damage it is.

The best way to move a gun safe that is larger is to rent a dolly. However, make sure you select the right size by getting the dimensions of your safe. You’ll also need to check the weight limits of the dolly before using it.

If you are moving the safe into a moving truck or vehicle, it’s a good idea to have a sturdy ramp as well. told from Delaware gun shops.

Clear Your Path

One of our main safety tips for when you move a safe is to clear the path. If you are just learning how to move a gun safe, you may not be as sure-footed during the moving process as a seasoned mover.

Leave more space than you think you’ll need and protect any walls or tight corners with some form of padding. You can also lay down thick rugs or cardboard on the floor in case you need to stop. This will help you avoid bumps and scrapes to your home while moving.

Whether the gun safe was already in your house or you installed it yourself, don’t forget to measure your doorways. It’s good to double-check the fit prior to moving.

Hire Professionals

The above steps apply even if you are wondering how to move a gun safe alone. However, if it’s a large gun safe, it’s best to have help or to hire an expert in gun safe moving.

Professional movers are the best option if you want to prevent damage to your home or safe. Plus, it means less stress for you during the already stressful process of moving.

Get Prepared to Move a Gun Safe

The process of how to move a gun safe isn’t as intimidating as you might have thought. However, preparation is essential for a smooth process.

Keep your safe as light as possible by removing any belongings, protect your safe and your home with proper padding, and hire help if you have any doubts in your abilities.

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