Banarasi Sarees

What is the Specialty of Banarasi Sarees?

Banarasi sarees are one of the finest saris you will ever come across. It is typified by designs such as intricately intertwined floral motifs that harks back to Mughal styles from where this type of sari originated. Other motifs include kalga and bel, which are upright leaves called jhalar at the border’s outer edges that make a Banarasi saree extremely unique. It generally features wide-ranging designs and patterns made on exquisite silk variety.

Banarasi sarees make for the best wedding ensemble of Indian brides apart from also finding modern and day-to-day use. Notable for its extravagance and stunning designs, the lustrous fabric and highly glossy look is a must-have in the wardrobe of every fashion lover. Choose from a variety of well-designed Banarasi saree online collections to add to your wardrobe.

Banarasi sarees for celebration

There is an intimate relationship between Indian brides and Banarasi sarees. Banarasi sarees or opulent, luxurious, and denoted class. Because of this, it is one of the first sartorial options for brides who want to look dazzling in a traditional manner on their wedding day. Banarasi sarees come in distinct varieties such as the kora, georgette, and tissue. There are numerous choices.

However, the pure silk variety remains one of the most coveted among all of these choices, even as fabrics such as cotton and linen are becoming highly popular.

Even though Banarasi silk sarees are a critical part of the trousseau of an Indian bride, they have somehow lost their sheen with all the modern and western-inspired creations that are becoming prominent on the market.

But with the impact of Bollywood heavyweights such as Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit, who flaunt the classic weave, there is no wonder that Banarasi sarees are here to stay and trending once again.

Types of Banarasi sarees

  • Shalu

An iteration of the Banarasi sarees is Shalu that stands out because of its intricately fine silk. It has borders embedded and exquisitely designed with motifs. These yard delights are incredibly prominent in traditional Maharashtrian weddings.

  • Katan

It is a type of silk that is as durable as it is sparkling and lustrous. Katan is the most extravagant when it comes to Banarasi sarees, making the cut specifically for celebratory wear. It utilizes a plain fabric woven with pure silk threads that are twisted and further woven in a seamless manner. Katan makes for a sturdy sari that maintains its durability for a long time.

Apart from their longevity, Katan Banarasi sarees are also excellent for their lustrous exquisiteness and sheen, owing to them being primarily silk. Banarasi sarees tend to be recognized as silk, and it is the Katan silk variety that is typically worn on weddings and other similar occasions.

  • Shattir

Perhaps making Banarasi sarees more concurrent with mainstream daily fashion is Shattir types that happen to be comparatively lightweight and simple compared to Katan ones. The fabric utilized for these contemporary designs also happens to be cost-effective, thereby making them affordable for everyone. Exclusive and modern shatter saris are remarkable for their lightweight feature. It is suitable for regular use.

  • Georgette

Georgette is one of the most lightweight materials but makes for exquisite saris that also come with a unique flair. Georgette iterations are typically the most distinctive of the Banarasi sarees because it is essentially a comparatively light fabric than what typifies traditional drapes.

It is designed from crepe and yarn, making them quite a delight to put on. It has a contemporary, lush, and yet relaxed appeal. You can purchase this type of sari in numerous Banarasi saree online stores.

  • Jangla

Jangla has an intricately patterned border and also additional Meena work decoration with interlaced patterns. Jangla is ideal for making unique statements at weddings because of the exotic features as well as its extravagance.

  • Tissue sarees

Among the most exquisite of the Banarasi sarees are tissue sarees which are predominantly designed with golden zari wefts. Otherwise called a golden cloth because of its wide-ranging features of gold Tissue sarees aptly and very obviously make for exclusive wedding options.

The lustrous shine of these Tissue sarees has a particularly celebratory vibe. It has a delicate and brilliant motif, such as golden lotuses floating on glittering ponds with cutwork procedures also incorporated into the designing of water drops.


Saris are traditional and beautiful. It is a celebration of a woman’s beauty and form. They can be worn for celebratory occasions or in a day-to-day fashion. There are numerous types of sarees to choose from to complement each occasion of a woman’s life such as weddings and holidays. The rich and opulent designs are exquisite, and the modest, simple silhouettes bring out the beautiful and elegant form of a woman.

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