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What Is the Status Quo of Network Engineers? What Is the Future Prospects and Development Path?

Many people want to know what the current development path of network engineers is. Would you like to be a network engineer get test here now? Will network engineers be eliminated in the future?

According to the experience in this industry, let’s talk about it.

For any technical post, some people will be negative, because they don’t know how to break through this.

So if you look for any position on the Internet, you will actually see such negative words. For example, if you are a software engineer, some people will say that you will be eliminated when you are 30 years old. If you are a network engineer, you will be eliminated if you are a SDN automation network engineer. If the programming framework learned by front-end engineers changes every six months, you will be eliminated.

So first of all, if you see people saying that the future development of network engineers is not good, first of all, you should see whether the person who said that has experienced it, how many years he has worked in this industry, and whether his position has always been in his small circle.

That is to say, we should know how to develop an industry. At least we should listen to various voices and see how others develop, rather than a person who complains about the bad work industry for you, because what you see may be one-sided.

II. How to develop network engineers in the future

The network engineer is a technical post, so I will ask you about your technology first. If you take Huawei certified network engineers to evaluate, what is your level? Do you have two or three years of work experience? Whether you have worked in a big project or managed a small network of enterprises determines your future development?

So the first level is technology and work experience. Whether you have passed or not, I think you will agree with me that everyone’s work experience and project experience are different, so naturally their level is different.

As a network engineer, when you solve the technical problems in the first step, you should consider how the company makes profits.

That is to say, you can never position yourself as a keyboard operator. When you limit yourself to a technician who is a keyboard operator, you are doomed to be eliminated. It is only a matter of time. Because you have no value in this way, A company hire a 20-year-old boy to train him for a month, and he can do the same job.

But I think if you know how the company works with your age, your work experience, your understanding of the industry, your communication with customers, and your promotion from a network engineer, you will understand how people make themselves unique in the work environment.

For example, if I have more skills than those in their 20s, for example, I can manage employees, for example, I can lead a team. I think it’s OK to spend more than USD 8000-16000 a year than those in their 20s, because I can make more profits for the company. Do those in their 20s who can only equip routers dare to pat their chest and say they can do these things?

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