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What Shoes Should Be In Your Sneaker Shoe Collection A Guide

People collect all kinds of different things: stamps, rocks, coins, spoons. The list goes on and on.

But have you ever considered starting a sneaker shoe collection?

Sneakers, especially athletic sneakers, have been a big part of our culture for a long time. And let’s face it, you know the feeling of sitting in awe in front of the TV as you admire the shoes of all your favorite basketball or tennis stars. Or, maybe you’ve found yourself gazing enviously at someone’s stylish skate shoes as they pass you on the street.

Well, you don’t have to be envious anymore! When you start a sneaker collection, you can have all of that for yourself. It’s a perfect opportunity to get ahold of all the sneakers you loved and longed for as a kid.

But how do you decide which sneakers to include? We all want the full set, but you have to start somewhere.

Don’t worry! We’ll help you out. Here are the shoes that you need to have in your sneaker shoe collection.

Why Start a Sneaker Shoe Collection?

People collect sneakers for all kinds of reasons. You might want to collect them for any of these reasons and more! Let’s look at a few.


Many types of collections are motivated by nostalgia. Collections help keep memories alive, which is especially true for sneaker collections!

It’s fun to collect, admire, and talk about the classic shoes of the past decades. It brings back great memories and helps you connect with your childhood and the styles of the past! A sneaker collection is an especially great way to achieve a fun retro aesthetic.


It can be exciting to own shoes that are desirable and fashionable. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of knowing you own something that’s highly sought-after! It’s one of the biggest reasons why people buy shoes for so much money.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt to flex a little every now and then. It’s fun to show off your collection to your friends and anyone else who might be interested


Buying sneakers to resell them is also another reason why people start sneaker shoe collections. It can be a great investment! You can make an awesome profit off of reselling.

Reselling also puts you in contact with others who are interested in sneakers. So, you’ll get to learn and talk more about what you love!


On that note, sneaker collecting can also be a way to help you connect with others. You can get in contact with other sneakerheads to geek out together, and it can be a gateway to some really beautiful friendships!

Must-Have Sneakers For Your Shoe Collection

While this is by no means an extensive list, it’s a good start! Here are some classic shoes that need to be included in your collection.

Nike Air Force 1

These iconic kicks began as a pair of basketball shoes in 1985, designed by Bruce Kilgore, but now they’re seen more often on the streets. They’re a stylish high-top sneaker with Nike Air cushioning.

The Nike Air Force 1 sneaker is classic and timeless, so much so that it’s even been mentioned in songs by artists like Nelly and Jay-Z! If you want to include these ones, you should go for a crisp white pair to truly achieve the classic look.

Air Jordan 1

You can’t talk about basketball shoes without mentioning Air Jordans. Michael Jordan remains one of the world’s most iconic basketball players, and his name is what made the Air Jordans great in his rookie season of 1984. They changed the sneaker world forever.

These sneakers also made Jordan into a rebel – they featured red, black, and white colors, which broke the NBA dress code. So, you can tap into your rebellious side with these kicks!

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star

This is another classic! Everyone loves a good pair of Chucks. They’re very old, having been first created in 1917, but they’re still stylish and classic!

In fact, they’re so stylish that they’ve fallen prey to many sneaker copycats, but an authentic pair of Chuck Taylors will set you apart. They suit everyone and are a must-have for your collection.

Chucks have links to basketball, thanks to their namesake Chuck Taylor, but they’ve also hit it big in the music scene. They’ve made a huge impact on sneaker styles, especially for teenagers and young adults.

Vans Authentic

These shoes live up to their name with an authentic, sleek look. Their simple style makes them timeless and they’re classic skate shoes, even if you’ve never stepped foot on a skateboard. They’re the perfect addition to your collection!

Adidas Stan Smith

The Stan Smiths are Adidas’s most successful shoes ever, and it’s easy to see why! It’s another simple design with tasteful details.

Stan Smith was an American tennis player who won the US Open in 1971. Adidas put an image of him on the tongue and it was a hit!

It’s seen lots of redesigns and reimagining. It’s constantly being refreshed, but the classic design remains the same. You just can’t beat it – it’s still in style and probably will be for many years to come.

Puma Suede

This sneaker began as a basketball sneaker but later made sneaker history with Tommie Smith at the 1968 Olympics. After he became the first man to run 200 meters in under 20 seconds, he raised his fist when receiving his medal. This was known as the Black Power salute and was seen as a protest against racial inequality in the States.

Smith also removed his Puma Suede sneakers to protest against poverty. This made a statement and included the Puma Suede sneakers in Black American history. Since then, it’s been adapted into the music world by B-Boy dancers and hip-hop artists.

With a history as rich as this, you need to have this sneaker in your collection! Make sure you get ahold of a pair.

Reebok Club C

Last but not least is the Reebok Club C, a classic tennis shoe. It was originally debuted under the name of Reebok Club Champion in 1985 but then was brought back for its 35th anniversary as the Reebok Club C.

It’s a must-have shoe for any good collection! Functional, stylish, and clean, it has a retro look that’s hard to resist. You’ll need a pair!

Start a Sneaker Shoe Collection Today

Sneaker collecting is a fulfilling and exciting hobby. You can enhance your life and engage with something you love when you start a sneaker shoe collection.

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