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What to Do If Charged with a Federal Crime in Knoxville?    

With a Crime Index close to 99 and a Crime Rate of 8.24, Knoxville is the sixth most dangerous city in Tennessee.

While the number of rapes reported in Knoxville being around 80%, the number of people shot and killed this year have doubled, compared to the same period in 2020.

If ever you get charged with such federal crimes, it is best to hire a Knoxville criminal defense lawyer since the repercussions are devastating, changing your life forever. They understand the federal laws and have the expertise in pursuing the best tactics to defend against the aggressive prosecution used by the government.

Here’s what they recommend you to do when charged with a federal crime in Knoxville.

Know the Federal Charges Against You

In Knoxville, drug crimes, sex offenses, fraud, health care crimes, and gun and firearm offenses count as Federal crimes.

Whether it’s possessing and trafficking marijuana, Knoxville’s most submitting drug to the crime lab, or Medicare fraud of even $60,000, all amount to Federal crimes.

When you face allegations of committing federal crimes, you need to know the charges and the related laws to build a strong defense. A diligent lawyer can help you understand your case, as they comprehend the difference between federal and state crimes.

Know the Penalties

Typically, most federal crimes in Knoxville get penalized under various sections of 18 U.S.C and some under 21 U.S.C. Each section defines the penalties for different degrees of crimes committed under federal laws.

For instance, bankruptcy fraud falls under 18 U.S.C. § 157. It states that this crime carries a sentence of up to five years in prison, with a maximum fine of $250,000.

An experienced Knoxville criminal defense lawyer can explain the punishments you may face on conviction. As they are well-aware of the consequences, they plan a strategy that will win you an acquittal and the least possible sentence in the worst-case.

Collect All the Relevant Evidence

Ideally, prosecutors in Knoxville accumulate considerable evidence well before you get a chance to mount a defense.

Thus, gathering the relevant proofs and supporting documents at the right time is essential for strengthening your defense. A criminal defense lawyer can help you collect the artifacts you will find helpful during the federal court proceedings, such as discovery and trial.

Build A Strong Defense

While marijuana has led to many federal crimes in recent years, heroin is the other top drug trending among illegal users in Knoxville.

Though the drug may vary, your conviction under the federal laws will lead to stringent punishments, from possible jail term to property forfeiture.

Thus, based on the gravity of the charges against you, you need to build a robust defense to downplay your role for the least possible penalty. An attorney can help you with your defense strategy, through different stages of your case, from initial hearing, plea bargaining, and trial to appeal.

Look for a Reputed Criminal Defense Lawyer

Knoxville is safer than only 4% of U.S. cities, reporting about 51 crimes per 1,000 residents, including federal crimes.

When you face allegations in such federal crimes, find a reputed criminal defense attorney in Knoxville. With their extensive experience handling cases like yours in federal court, they will ensure you register a confirmed win while protecting your rights in the process.

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