What to Do if you Get Sick While Traveling to India?

Even though traveling is enjoyable, it can be hectic especially if you fall ill during the trip or when you get to your destination. However, it is always important to stay equipped with the necessary solutions in case something bad like this happens. If you are traveling to India, you need to know that proper precautions must be taken, especially during this period when COVID 19 has taken a hard hit on the country.

Apart from the coronavirus, some parts of India are exposed to various problems. For instance, most places are experiencing air pollution, especially during the winter periods. Places like cities in the North and New Delhi are experiencing high levels of air pollution and this is unfavorable for children and pregnant women. There are new measures related to coronavirus that the country authorities have introduced. However, the medical facilities are not able to expand their services to remote areas. So, unless you will be in the major cities, you might have a problem getting proper medical treatment. In case you happen to get sick while traveling here, you will need to do the following.

Check if there is Available Insurance Coverage

If you already have an insurer, check if they will cover you when abroad. This is an important step that will help you to determine if you can easily get the right medical attention when you need it. For tourists, you can get the best health insurance in India. Confirm if this is available for you and the parts it will cover you when away. This short-term insurance policy will cover you when traveling in India.


Remember, the medical insurance varies with plan and company. So, when you are choosing a suitable plan for you, make sure you consider the medical limits that will work for you. This will help you to have a comfortable trip when you know your medical needs will be met while traveling to India.  

Fill the Details on your Passport

Before you travel, make sure you have filled in all the information required on the passport. This includes your full names, contact information, address, and phone number of a person they can call in case of an emergency. The information will be important during identification in case you get sick or get an accident.

Carry the Necessary Documents

If you already have a condition, it is crucial that you get a letter from your primary health practitioner. The document should describe your condition and lay down all the prescriptions you will be taking. Remember, the letter should also include the generic names of the medicines. Make sure all the medicine containers are labeled clearly and check with the embassy about the legality of certain drugs in India. This will help you to know that you don’t unintentionally break the law.

Contact the Nearest Embassy

If you fall ill when traveling to India, it is advisable you contact your country’s embassy in the country. You can also consult the Consulate to provide a list of medical facilities or healthcare providers in the local. The consulate will also help you to get medical attention and even inform your family. When the need comes, the consulate will also arrange for funds transfer from your friends or family since you will need to cater to medical bills and other payments in the hospital.

If you get sick while in India, you are spoiled with plenty of help. Remember, you have access to the best healthcare system in India, considering that India is known for providing the best medical services across the world. The healthcare system has shown great improvements, not just about the quality but the accessibility too. Therefore, it is now easy for travelers to receive the right care when they need it. Compared to other countries, calling a doctor in India is easy and inexpensive. Your hotel can also be able to obtain quick help for you. You only need to inform your travel specialist or any necessary person in the local, and you will get the help you need as soon as possible. However, you need to make sure you have the right travel insurance documents with you.


When traveling to India, it is crucial to make sure you have everything in place. You might fall sick in the way and you ought to make sure you can get the right help. The best way to be on the safe side is to get travel insurance for India. Medical travel insurance is recommended for travelers going to India to cover them should they fall sick or get injured. Remember, your local insurance may not cover you when abroad. So, get this insurance to access the best healthcare services in India should you fall ill during your trip. This is a personal need that you can’t afford to ignore whenever you are traveling.

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