Salon Booking Software

What to expect from Salon Booking Software?

In his modern age, everything is so fast no one has tolerance to wait. People nowadays are fond of clicks to make things happen. They like automation in everything.

Software to help in business is a win-win in this era. This software offers in solving complex problems with ease and automating your database.

What is Salon Booking Software?

Software that provides the customers with the benefit of booking your appointment with the salon in no time and the easiest way discovered yet.

Gives you access to the scheduler to check before deciding your appointment time to see if there is a spot available for the required time slot. It gives you an edge on saving your time instead of wasting it on accidentally double-booking yourself with someone at the same time.

Online booking software also gives you an advantage to instantly pay for the service right at the moment to confirm your booking.

What Services of Salon you can book through the App?

Following are the services a beauty salon offers for the clients and are also available for you to book yourself online via the customer app:

  • Waxing
  • Haircutting and Hairstyling
  • Nail Painting
  • Spa Facilities
  • Facials
  • Tanning
  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Skin Treatments

All of these are general services that are provided by any well-known salon. Any of these above-mentioned services can be booked by using the mobile application of the booking software.

What are the different ways of booking appointments for a salon?

Bookings in any business can be made in various ways including the traditional ones.

Direct booking

This type of booking is time invested and requires a skill set of marketing tactics to help you grow otherwise not a safe bet. Through direct booking, it is a possibility that clients might be reaching out to you as a result of your marketing. Such as print advertising, social media marketing, sharing your business in meetings with people, or just through word of mouth.

Indirect booking

This type of booking includes third-party influence in all matters, which often includes commission in each booking.

The smart and preferred way of Booking Appointments

The best and most efficient way of booking yourself for appointments and services for a salon is through a booking software app. Which allows clients to book the appointments or classes without dealing with any of the marketing tactics.

Why Software is a need Today?

The point of business revolves around customer satisfaction these days. So, it becomes crystal that to promote your business to the heights you have just thought about you need to work on the needs of a happy customer. To do that the user experience of clients or customers needs to be simpler in every possible way.

So, bookings through software are the first hurdle, to remove, from the pile of hurdles between clients and their tough schedules.

Customer Engagement

A customer is given a simple and easy way along with other complex and time-consuming, to book appointments and entertain with the service. Making the customer experience better is the key to successful customer engagement.

Reschedule the appointment

Rescheduling the appointment is also an option today as it is considered an emergency escape. In case the client or customer ran into a problem and cannot make it on time. The client can cancel the appointment before the time comes, by using the customer care application of the software. If got into an unexpected situation. The app will automatically notify the staff that the client isn’t going to be able to show up. With this new update client can even leave a short message telling the reason.

You can even request a refund in case you are not interested in rescheduling. Due to either some emergency or change of mind whatever the situation comes along. The refund process will start immediately with your request and you will be guided throughout the process.


Automation is the master key to speeding up your tasks management especially the booking procedure. This feature allows you to automate your tasks like booking appointments with just a few clicks.

Online Availability

The online facility of salon booking software allows you to schedule or book an appointment from anywhere at any time for yourself.

This also includes the availability to place your concern on the website customer portal. That feedback and complaints on the website both are given priority. Because they are used to make the business better by taking actions against the error-generating factors of the brand.

How does Software help to maintain Salon business?

The management department of the salon business is bound with the duties to maintain and organize the schedules, appointments, customer care, update the staff and client’s profile, etc. Following are some of the services software offers a salon business to grow:

Reduced Administration duties

The administration of any business holds a lot of responsibility in its hands. All include updating the scheduler, booking appointments, maintaining the interaction with other departments like tanning, waxing, massaging, etc.

The use of software in the process could give you an advantage of managing all the bookings of appointments, maintaining scheduler and other services to give.

Generate Revenue

Revenue is the far most important factor to discuss. A successful business owner always puts the needs of the clients first and prospers the business with a strong lead generation.

Salon Customer Care Portal

The customer care portal makes in charge of the conversion. Customer care is the priority of a business and the brand is always in the need of doing better. Thus, it provides the customers with the best quality services they can.

You can reach out to the portal 24/7, which makes it one of the best qualities a customer care salon has to provide.

Inventory Management

The salon needs to be able to get full access to the amount of stock of the resources and the history of usage. Otherwise, the salon will not be able to keep track of where its resources are being used. If the client had an appointment with a client for a few facials but when the time comes salon management realizes that they are out of stock, that would be a bummer.

No business owner would want that kind of embarrassment so as a result the inventory management feature of the booking software will come into play to save the day.

How does the software help in the payment process?

This Software also receives the benefits of keeping track of every transaction of the clients including the method of payment. Such as if you have had massage therapy for yourself and you paid cash for the service. This information will be as it is saved in the software history and will be secured from the access of non-authorized staff.

Software providers like Wellyx are the best match for your requirements for the salon booking system.

How were Bookings done before Software?

Scheduling appointments is now easier than before. There was a time when the procedure was to take time out of your daily routine and go to the salon to place your appointment for the required service, in person. And the management of the salon needed to fill up their registers which keeps piling up one after another.

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