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Identity Verification in Online Gaming- What is in Store?

With the proliferation of smartphones, many of the players are moving towards online gaming platforms. The “Personally Identifiable Information” available on the internet has attracted cybercriminals and bad actors too. So, to protect the customers while enjoying the game, identity verification services have become a need of the hour in the gaming sector. 

ID verification helps the company to onboard authentic customers. The biometric identification uses AI to verify the client and prevent the gaming and all other sectors from the negative consequences of scamming as well as cheating. 

Scams in the Online Gaming Sector

During the pandemic, the gaming sector has witnessed development in customer onboarding as well as user engagement. Several loopholes in the security control have made the hackers exploit sectors including the gaming industry for their illicit means. 

Let’s look at the scams that are infiltrating the gaming sector. 

Social Engineering Scams

In such types of scams, users are fooled in a way that they end up giving their personal details. What fraudsters do actually, send an email with a link asking the user to open it. When the user clicks on the link, they are directed to a website that is made to steal their personal information. First, they are asked to enter their name and password and after that, they are landed on a website that asks for payment information. The fraudsters then use the stolen information and credentials to hijack the account of the user for fulfilling their illicit means. 

Scams Through Technical Vulnerabilities

What cyber criminals do, they take advantage of the technical vulnerability to steal the products as well as services of the online gaming industry. When the computer program is destroyed, it is used by the cybercriminals to extract the user’s sensitive data which includes passwords, emails, addresses, and credit card PINs. 

Identity Authentication Safeguarding the Gaming Industry

Many gaming industries are now implementing identity verification services to provide identity theft protection to gammers. Here are some other reasons why identity verification is needed in the gaming industry. 

Fraud Prevention

A decent way to prevent identity theft and synthetic identity fraud in online platforms is through Artificial Intelligence based solutions that can verify the players in real-time. The players are asked to give proof of the identity card issued by the government so that their identity is authenticated. Taking the situation into account, identity verification services ask the gamers to provide their selfie which is then cross-matched with the image that is already present on their identity document to check whether the gamer is authentic or a threat to the gaming world.

Complying with Regulations

As crimes and fraud are increasing day by day, the regulatory authorities have imposed strict regulations to implement biometrics identity verification system in gaming and other sectors and curb the companies from exploitation. If the gaming sector would not follow it, it would have to pay heavy fines. This is how it helps the companies to comply with regulations, prevent exploitation of their platform at the hands of scammers and criminals and build a reputation in the market.

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Protecting the Minors

Many underaged individuals enter the gaming sector which is raising concerns of their parents. Those games are harming minors and making them addicted to them. Besides utilizing their time on studies and making a brighter future, they waste their time playing games. So, an identity and age verification solution helps the gaming industry verified identity and age of the client and whether they should be given access to certain age-related games or not. So, this is how it protects minors from age-exclusive games and also helps the company build its credibility in the market.

Future of Identity Verification Service in Gaming

As the technology continues to grow, so do the cheaters. So, it becomes an ethical responsibility of the gaming sector to implement an identity verification solution. Besides reducing the danger of cheating and fraud, identity verification shifts the consumer’s demography in the gaming sector and brings biometric ethics to the leading conversations. Through document-centric ID verification, the gaming industry can reduce gender and race-based bias in the onboarding procedure. Not the gamers would have a good gaming experience irrespective of race and gender but will reap the revenue benefits of the gaming sector full of diversity. 

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