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What to Expect When You Take RBS Certification Online?

Serious public health risks such as overconsumption and serving alcohol to minors are why RBS certification is required for alcohol-serving communities. In the United States alone, there are almost 100,000 people die each year due to these activities related to alcohol.

In addition, around 7 to 8 million youths ages 12 to 20 reportedly drink more than they should. If you take into account, these are staggering statistics by any means. Consuming alcohol can lead to several problems, including injuries, accidents, health consequences, and even death.

One solution the US Government tries to minimize these problematic scenarios is through the RBS Certification training program. This program aims to address the problem by equipping staff and alcohol servers with the right knowledge about responsible beverage serving. If you want to know more about these, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

What is RBS Certification Online?

As we’ve mentioned, RBS Certification is the government’s solution to this overconsumption and serving alcohol to minors problem. Hence, the California Assembly Bill 1221, or the Responsible Beverage Server Training Act, was passed in 2017. Simply put, this training program requires all alcohol servers to undergo this training program to get their certificate once they pass the training.

In addition, these are not only applicable to alcohol servers; staff, supervisors, managers, and even owners of alcohol-serving establishments can greatly benefit from this training. Educating these individuals about responsible drinking can reduce alcohol-related accidents and injuries caused in the community.

Nevertheless, all workers within an alcohol-serving establishment must carry this certificate whenever a law enforcer checks for them. If an establishment is caught with either having their staff serve alcohol without the certificate or serving alcohol to minors, they could face hefty fines and penalties, leading to the revocation of their liquor license.

You can get this certificate in two ways: take it online or do the training on-premises. The training hours depend on what type of work environment you have.

Who Needs to be RBS Certified?

Most states in the United States, especially California, require staff and individuals working within these alcohol-serving establishments are required to under the RBS certification program. If you happen to serve alcohol, interact with patrons, serve drinks and food, or oversee staff, then you are a candidate for completing the training.

In addition, do you look for potential employees, hire, or oversee an entire platoon of employees within alcohol-serving establishments? If so, then you are also a candidate for passing the training. This new stipulation has impacted business establishments with an ABC license for serving alcoholic beverages for consumer consumption.

These establishments include tasting rooms, bars, restaurants, stadiums, hotels, and many more. They are also required to have their employees and managers undergo this training when it is in full effect starting on August 31, 2022.

This bill defines alcohol do these functions:

  • Serving alcoholic beverages to customers
  • Taking orders from customers wanting alcoholic beverages
  • Pouring of alcoholic beverages to customers
  • Delivering alcoholic beverages to customers
  • Checking for patron identification whenever a patron enters alcohol-serving premises or at work.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding The RBS Certification Program

If you have additional questions regarding the RBS Certification program, you might find some answers down below.

How Long is the RBS Certification Program?

Most of the time, the training program’s pace is highly dependent on you. Some trainees might want to do it faster, while others prefer to do it at their own pace. It really depends on when you need it. You can finish the training program as fast as a few days or up to a few weeks if needed.

However, the total course time is usually a couple of hours, whereas some dedicate only a few hours of their day to this program leading to a longer training process. Still, if you have all the time in the world for this training, then it is your choice how fast or slow you want it to be. After that, you take the exam and should pass it by then.

How to Get an RBS Certificate?

Getting RBS certified is a simple process. It is divided into two parts, completing the RBS training program and passing the exam. You should get a 70% and above score to ensure you pass the exam. Registering is pretty simple as well; you just have to register through the RBS portal and fill up any information needed with the server registration form.


Aside from complying with state laws and regulations, getting RBS certified has many advantages. It can get you a job quickly when trying to apply for these specific alcohol-serving establishments because they don’t have to spend time training you.

Also, much important information is needed for you to learn in the world of responsible alcohol serving. You not only gain much knowledge, but the potential to save lives will also play an important role in reducing accidents, injuries, and casualties for the years to come.

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