What you must do to rank higher your website on Google

There is nothing that can be more frustrating than to see your site performing poorly on Google page despite your significant efforts to climb the ranks. No wonder, it’s easy to start thinking that Google hates your site. The truth is that there are several ways you can use Google to rank higher. If you find it hard to implement some of the strategies to help your website, then hiring an SEO Consultant can be a good idea. This article explains how your site can rank higher on Google.  


Find under-performing keywords

Many SEO experts suggest that you need to find page two rankings and then try to push them to page one. This sounds logical, but this is not a good idea for several reasons. It’s always hard to improve rankings by several spots and ranking on page one shouldn’t be your top priority, especially if you desire to have more traffic.


If you check the average CTR curve for the first few pages of Google results, you can notice that the click-through rate tends to decrease significantly as you go down the ranks. Therefore, it means that you can even move up the ranks with only one position and experience more traffic than moving up several positions.


Remember that this applies to an average CTR, so it differs on the keyword basis. Hence, what you should do is to find the right keywords that you already rank when it comes to the first page and focus only on these.


Every keyword you find in the filtered report stands for one that you already rank, though not in first position. It means you can still improve it. That said, there is no sense focusing on rankings with low-value keywords.


Determine the reasons you are being outranked

Keep in mind that one web page may outrank another for various reasons, but this should not discourage you. The things that are associated with rankings and traffic time are number of referring domains, website authority, and page authority.


Another ranking factor you need to consider is the searcher intent. The goal of Google is usually to offer the most relevant result for each query. Their business model depends on them doing this consistently across many searches. For this reason, Google invests a lot into understanding the intent of these queries. For example, they want to know the reason why you typed a specific item into Google.


No wonder, there is none of the top-ranking pages associated with link building that come from businesses providing linking building services. Instead, these pages come from informational guides and blog posts because Google knows that people searching for link building desire to learn, not to buy.


Therefore, if your page fails to align with search intent, then you are not going to succeed. The easiest way you can assess the current first page of Google results for searcher intent is to check content type, content format, and content angle.

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