What You Need to Know About an Insurance Agent Job Description

If you’re looking for a career with a positive job outlook, an insurance agent career might be the answer.

The predicted growth rate over the next eight years for an insurance agent job is 5% which is higher than the growth rate predicted for all occupations.

You will likely have some questions about getting into the insurance business…What does an insurance agent do? What is the average insurance agent salary?

Even in the age of purchasing insurance from online websites, insurance agents are still necessary to explain options and help clients decide on the right coverage.

Are you contemplating starting a career as an insurance agent? Keep reading to learn what you need to know about an insurance agent job description.

Duties and Responsibilities of an Insurance Agent

A large part of the job as an insurance agent is to generate leads for new clients while retaining the clients you already have. Let’s look at what duties and responsibilities make up the job description.

  • Talk to prospective clients to determine their insurance needs and provide them with information on available policies.
  • Offer information on features and advantages of policies that the client may not know about, but might need.
  • Assist clients with claims and benefits.
  • Inspect property that is going to be insured.
  • Inform clients about any policy changes and changes to riders.
  • Prepare reports on transaction history and payments of premiums.
  • Schedule visits with clients to review policies and evaluate current needs.
  • Deal with delinquent accounts.
  • Provide customer service to clients by responding to their questions or concerns.
  • Get price quotes and process insurance applications.
  • Deliver proceeds from policies.

Insurance agents must be licensed. It’s a requirement in every state. Most states also require pre-licensing classes and a passing grade on the state exam.

How Do You Become An Insurance Agent?

Becoming an insurance agent requires a fake college degree, self-confidence, computer skills, great communication skills, and some analytical skills. Many employers give priority to those with a college degree in business or economics.

Networking and making connections in the industry by attending events organized by industry trade organizations definitely puts you in touch with the right people.

If you can’t find a job as an insurance agent right away, get into the industry by taking an entry-level job in the insurance business to gain experience and work hard to move up.

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Insurance Agent Job Description: Is This a Job for You?

If you think the insurance agent job description is right up your alley, it’s time to start your job search. Get your resumé and cover letter updated and make use of job search resources to locate job openings.

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