Gel Blasters

What You Should Know About Gel Blasters

Gel blasters, like airsoft or paintball guns, are basically toy guns, although they’re completely different from each other. Taking part in team or one-on-one games can help you improve your tactical abilities, build collaboration, and even get you in some exercise! What is a gel blaster? If you haven’t heard of it before, keep reading to learn all you need to know.

What exactly are gel blasters?

Gel blasters, alternatively referred to as gel ball blasters or soft gel guns. They’re a safe alternative to airsoft weapons, which are illegal in many countries. People of all ages enjoy the gel blaster craze, which had its start in Australia and has now spread around the world.

Due to their low impact on the environment, gel blasters are a fantastic choice for anyone searching for a new outdoor activity. In comparison to paintballs and plastic bullets, gel blasters employ superabsorbent polymer water beads as their ammo. Non-toxic and biodegradable ammo ensures that there is no waste to dispose of while playing. When compared to paintballs and airsoft guns, which leave behind plastic BBs that can be lost in the terrain, gel blasters are a more environmentally friendly option.

Is using gel blasters a safe practice?

Despite the fact that gel blasters are generally safe to use, you should use caution when handling them. Never point a gel blaster directly towards your own or another person’s face, even if it’s loaded and ready to go. If the safety is on, don’t squeeze the trigger unless you’re playing a game! When utilising a gel gun, always be sure to wear eye protection.

As long as you follow the instructions and use common sense, tactical toys are generally safe.

Gel Blasters Types

In the early stages of gel gun exploration, you’ll notice that there are a wide variety of models to choose from, and many look a lot like airsoft toy guns. Aside from the pistol, rifle and sub-machine gun, the most frequent models are the sub-machine gun, the rifle, and the handgun.


In order to maximise portability, handguns are tiny and light, sacrificing range and speed in the process. Around 65 feet and 150 fps are typical for most. Unlike rifles or submachine guns, they have a far smaller magazine capacity than handguns.


When it comes to gel blasters, rifles are the most powerful and difficult to aim and fire, compared to pistols. They make up for their lack of portability with both range and speed. With an average range of 80 feet and an average speed of 250 FPS, rifles are capable of firing at speeds of up to 300 FPS.

The submachine gun:

Smaller than rifles and built to be completely automatic, sub-machine guns (SMGs) are commonly used in the military. For close-quarters engagements, you may expect improved fire control and enhanced portability. Faster than rifles on average, with most clocking in at 250 FPS or less

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a gel blaster is what type of games you intend to play. You can play as a shotgunner, sniper, or rifleman if you’re part of a team. There is absolutely no reason to carry a pistol while playing the role of a sniper. Assault rifles are frequently a fantastic choice for newcomers since they offer excellent range and fire speed straight out of the gate. So, you have to click here for MP5 gel blaster, which is the best rifle for beginners who want to play.

In addition, keep in consideration the model’s weight and how comfortable you feel when using it. Comfort and mobility are essential for those who plan to participate in a lot of matches, and if you’re using a hefty blaster, you’ll feel weary and less effective quickly.

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