What are Payday Loans

Payday loans that are short-term and can be accessed easily on most street shops or internet sites. These are usually small amounts of money that can be easily loaned with high interests. The high interest rate makes it a much more problematic option than you can think. It is better to consider all other options before you choose to go for this method.

In case you decide that this is the best method that is currently available to you right now, then you can easily get payday loans from whatever resource you are planning to use. Though, you might need to check up upon various sources and make a comparison between the interest rate and the charges. You should be very clear about your options before borrowing and moreover you should also be clear about what will happen if you are unable to pay it back.

What to do before taking a payday loan

Before taking on a payday loan you need to check up upon a few things that can help you save up on interests. First of all is to make sure that you are able to get the best deal. For this purpose you may need to shop around and check out all the published deals. The Online lenders normally tend to make their deals and you should definitely compare them. Moreover this comparison should be Financial Conduct Authority regulated. For this purpose, make sure to visit their website and use the company’s name to check their Financial services. These are more likely to be present on their homepage.

Another thing that you need to ensure before you loan any money using any method, is to make sure that you have the appropriate plans to pay it back. Normally lenders tend to check whether or not you have enough resources for your money each month and whether you are able to pay it back.

The lenders should be responsible for clearly describing the features of their services. This includes details of how much is required for payback and what may happen if you are unable to pay back the loans.  The lenders should clearly specify what extra charges you may be required to pay if you are unable to payback on time and that this loan is not for long term. Moreover other features like the cancellation and how the continuous payment authorities (CPAs) tend to work.

Paying back

The paying back date for a payday loan is usually expected to be a month from the day you borrowed and should include the specified interest. Normally the payback is done using a debit card and using the Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) where you allow the lender to take money from your bank account based upon what you owe them. In case your bank account doesn’t have the promised amount of money by the required date, then as per the specifications the lender may increase the payment based upon late charges. However this doesn’t mean that the lender can use CPA more than two times if they do not receive any money. Moreover they are also not meant to accept part payment.


A Payday loan can be a temporary option for borrowing smaller amounts of money in easy ways. Before considering this option for borrowing make sure to consider all the other paths that you can take. You also need to make sure that you would be able to pay back this loan with interest. In case you are unable to pay back the loan then you must at least inform your bank or card provider one day before the due date in order to stop the payment. However to avoid getting into further trouble, the best way is to ask the lender for an extension. Depending upon the lender they may give you some more time or at least a roll over. A rollover is a new agreement for repaying the original loan though it might take some extra charge or interest. Even a roll over shouldn’t be carried out more than twice. Other than that your lender should also provide an information sheet for debt advice.

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