Mikhail Bulgakov

What you Should Read before 30

We tried to choose such books that are not subject to time, are recognized and loved by more than one generation of experts and readers, raise vital issues that shape the personality, and raise the spiritual level of a person. I think these are exactly the books that everyone should read. You’ve probably read many of these books, and you’ll probably want to read some of them again. As you know, works of genius are fraught with an incredible amount of subtexts. Not everyone can grasp and understand them, and then only after we acquire the necessary life experience. Try to read familiar classics again – and you will be surprised at discoveries. Here is the list of books to read before 30.

Mikhail Bulgakov: The Master and Margarita

The volume of Mikhail Bulgakov, standing on the bookshelf, testifies to the good taste of the reader. It is no coincidence that what this author wrote without loss survived the death of Soviet literature and today is read as a continuation of the golden fund of Russian classics of the 19th century. Fascinating plots (“fantasy rooted in everyday life”), vivid images, moral problems raised to a universal scale – all this makes us return to what we read again and again.

Marquez Garcia: One Hundred Years of Solitude

One of the greatest books of the twentieth century. A strange, poetic, bizarre story of the city of Macondo, lost in the jungle – from creation to decline. The story of the Buendía family – a family in which miracles are so every day that they are not even paid attention to. The Buendía clan breeds saints and sinners, revolutionaries, heroes and traitors, dashing adventurers – and women too beautiful for ordinary life.

Herman Melville: Moby Dick, or White Whale

Herman Melville is a writer and sailor, in whose work and destiny the experience of the traveler and the mythopoetic worldview of the artist is surprisingly organically fused. The realization of the magnitude of Melville’s talent did not come immediately, and only a quarter of a century after the death of the writer began to see the outlines of the enormous contribution that he made to the treasury of world literature.

Francis Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is the most famous novel by Francis Fitzgerald, which became the symbol of the “jazz age”. America, 1925, the time of:

  • “dry law”;
  • gangster squabbles;
  • bright lights;
  • vibrant life.

But for Jay Gatsby, the embodiment of the American Dream turned into a real tragedy. And the way up, despite the fame and wealth, led to a total collapse.

Ray Bradbury: Dandelion Wine

“Dandelion Wine” by Ray Bradbury is a classic that entered the golden fund of world literature. Enter the bright world of a twelve-year-old boy and live with him one summer filled with joyful and sad, mysterious and disturbing events; summer, when amazing discoveries are made every day, the main of which is that you are alive, you breathe, you feel!

Margaret Mitchell: Gone With The Wind

Gone with the Wind is the only novel by Margaret Mitchell (1900-1949) for which she – a writer, emancipator, and advocate for women’s rights – won the Pulitzer Prize. This is a book about what makes us live and fight – whatever is happening around us. For over 70 years we have been reading this novel, for over 70 years we have admired Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable in the film adaptation – and the story never gets old. Most likely, it is eternal.

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