When to Contact a Cedar Rapids Nursing Home Injury Lawyer

Learning about the fact that your loved one has been neglected or abused in a nursing home facility is quite devastating. Your family moved your loved one into this care facility so they could get better care than they could get at home. Unfortunately, nursing homes may not be the right place for some seniors to stay. 

If you think your elderly loved one is not getting sufficient care, you should contact a Cedar Rapids nursing home injury lawyer to know your options. Your attorney can tell you what actions you can take against the care facility and hold it accountable for related losses. The following are situations that indicate nursing care abuse and warrant a consultation with a lawyer: 

Inexplicable Hospitalization

Nursing home residents make occasional visits to hospitals. This is possible when accidents take place. For instance, if a senior falls and breaks their hip while they stroll the grounds, they could spend a few days at a hospital. 

In addition, the majority of nursing home residents have chronic conditions that may flare up occasionally. When this happens, they may require more intervention than a care facility can offer. But if your loved one is hospitalized for no apparent reason, you can be suspicious. When you conduct further investigations and cannot get straight answers from the facility’s administrator, this may be because your loved one was abused. 

Unexplained Injuries

These injuries can include bruises, fractures, or lacerations that may indicate abuse. Your relative might easily forget things, so they cannot explain how they got hurt. However, if the staff of the care facility cannot explain how these injuries were sustained, something else might be going on. 

Obvious Neglect Signs

In general, nursing home residents need 24/7 care; neglect is as devastating as abuse. Signs of nursing home neglect include weight loss, malnutrition, bedsores, and dehydration. If you believe the nursing care staff is not offering your senior family member adequate attention, other residents may also be going through the same thing. By consulting with a lawyer, you can get an investigation done. As a result, you will help more residents than just your loved ones. 

If you notice signs of nursing home neglect or abuse, contact a compassionate attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will thoroughly investigate the situation. If they find out that your relative is being mistreated at the care facility, your attorney can help determine the best way to proceed. 

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