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Which Color Tiles are Best for Kitchen and Bathroom Flooring?

Many homeowners find it hard to pick the right color for their bathroom and kitchen floor tiles. No doubt, the flooring color has a noticeable impact on the room’s space. Moreover, the correct tone can change the game for you. So, be very specific about color and texture when shopping from an online tile store. 

Furthermore, both light and dark shaded tiles can make your place either look smaller or bigger. That is why it is much better to choose carefully from the wide range of tile colors available today. 

The thumb rule to select flooring color:

Indeed, the psychology of colors is very intriguing. According to all the color experts, one must pick light-colored tiles and wall paint for smaller rooms. On the other hand, you can easily select dark or bold color tile floors for large spaces. So, you should follow this thumb rule to avoid any blunder on your next flooring project.

What’s inside?

Here are the color choices to observe when choosing kitchen and bathroom floor tiles. See for yourself!

  • Best color tiles for kitchen flooring
  • Best color tiles for bathroom flooring

Best color tiles for kitchen flooring:

  • White tiles:

No doubt, white is a classic color choice for all sorts of flooring. Whether it is stone tiles, marble floors, or vinyl flooring, a white tile is a perfect choice for any home. Also, it gives a clean and stylish look to your kitchen flooring. Moreover, it is the best color to create a sense of spaciousness in a small room space. 

  • Beige:

A mid-tone like beige is an ideal choice for a busy kitchen area. Beige floor tiles will hide most of the food chunks and spills. Also, these color tiles are easy to clean and maintain. It works well for kitchens of all sizes. 

  • Crème color:

Cream color tiles are another best option for kitchen flooring. It gives a natural flair to your place and pairs incredibly with dark wooden cabinets. Pick this color if pure white is not your first choice.

  • Brown:

A light brown shade would be perfect for a standard size kitchen space. Not only does it look pretty, but it also adjusts minor floor damages. The Best place floor tiles Store online offers many shades of brown, including caramel and dark brown.  

  • Grey:

Grey works just like any other midtone- it is subtle, clam, and timeless for kitchens, bathrooms, and halls alike. Grey flooring matches perfectly with light color cabinets and black countertops.

  • Wood-looking tiles:

If you have a bigger kitchen space that consists of a nice counter area, a kitchen island, and a breakfast nook, go for wood-looking tiles. For such open areas, white is not an ideal option. Wood-looking tiles create a relaxing place to cook, eat, and entertain guests.

Best color tiles for bathroom flooring:

  • White tiles:

White is as tremendous for a bathroom as for kitchens. If you have a small bathroom space, white is an ideal floor choice. It will add more space and brighten up the room. Also, you can opt for white mosaic tiles for bath walls and backsplash.

  • Timeless grey from the online tile store:

Greys are the best color for tiles and shower walls. It is perfect for a modern and minimalistic layout. Moreover, it is a color that lasts longer than you can imagine. In addition, you can find many unique shades in the grey family. So, pair it with beige cabinets and a black quartz countertop.

  • Aqua blue tiles:

What could be more aesthetic than aqua blue bath tiles? You know what I mean if you have a sense of interior design. Aqua blue tiles are fashionable, trendy, and fresh for both walls and floor tiles. Also, they perform idealistic with water splashes. It is a go-to color for a relaxing bath space. 

  • Glazed pink

Have you seen modern accent bathrooms? If yes, then light pink tiles are what you need for your floor tiles. Pink floor and wall tiles with glazed finish can take your bath décor to the next level of elegance and style. In particular, you can create a pink zone in your shower area that is beautiful and durable as well. 

  • Stark black tiles:

Well, nothing is more striking and sturdy than black bathroom tiles. Stark black tiles are ethereal with a white sink and countertops. Moreover, they look stylish when combined with black marble walls. But, very few people dare to try these lethal, catchy color tiles.


You have many color choices in kitchen and bathroom tiles- but the best ones are those best suited to your space. This post contains all the pertinent info about flooring colors. So, pick any mid-tone (grey, beige, cream) for your kitchen from the best online tile store. Furthermore, go for catchy colors such as aqua blue, glazed pink, or stark black for bathroom tiles. Plus, you may use them as wall tiles too. And check out for the best floor tiles.  

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