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Which countries are known to be smoking the most?

When it comes to smoking, almost all the countries are evenly contributing. At the same time, the ratio of smokers in Europe is far more than the ones that are situated in other parts of the country. Moreover, when it comes to statistics, we are able to find out that men are found to be more into smoking than the other part of the population. Millions of people are associated with the tobacco industry and are contributing each day to providing support to people to achieve the best quality of tobacco every coming day.

Those people who are passionate about smoking like to go out for the different forms of smoking like cigars, vaping and cigarettes. However, if you are one of those smokers who like to build on their collection of cigars, one of the most important things that need to be kept in your mind is to find the fittest smoke shop.

Not only hanging out with the right bunch of people is a cool thing, but getting to know about some of the best cigar shops near me should be where you are able to buy and enjoy some of the finest and the most authentic brands of cigars and that too at an affordable price therefore before you look out for humidor cigar shops near you. One should make sure that you are well aware of the countries which are considered to be a powerhouse of smokers.

  1. Montenegro:

When it comes to the highest rate of smokers in the world, in the Southern and eastern parts of Europe, a country named Montenegro is considered to be top on the list. The highest rate of tobacco consumption is prevalent to various factors, and one among them is because the per capita income of the individuals living in the country and considered to be good enough. Therefore, they are able to enjoy the foresaid luxury of smoking.

However, when we take a look at the figures and the statistics, we come to know that the average adult in Montenegro smokes about 4000 cigarettes per year, which according to the world health organization, is a large number. If you wish to find a smoke partner in the new tobacco shop near me, then Montenegro is the place where you would be able to find one and that too at an affordable cost because those who are rated among the top in the world are sure to serve you as great partners for your smoking adventure.

  1. Belarus:

Smoke consumption around the world has been increasing rapidly and causing great health concerns for the health and care department of the world. But when it comes to the consumption of cigarettes per day, the next in line is Belarus. The numbers are suggestive of the consumption of smoke per year. According to the current survey conducted, we came to know that the average age of 15 years consumes almost 97 packets of cigarettes per year. The numbers are alarming and creating great havoc among the authority. However, those who are part of the trade for smoke production are increasing their figures at an alarming rate.

  1. Lebanon:

The average consumption for the year is also on the high rise. Although, over the years, the statistics have suggested that the numbers have dropped drastically, and due to the high rise in the number of deaths and other diseases, people are thinking about quitting smoking. But still, the figures for per year consumption are also on the rise.

Lebanon’s cigarette consumption year is 119 packs per year. The average amount of smoke an adult consumes per year is 3023.

  1. Macedonia:

Looking at the numbers, it seems that people around the world are dedicated to smoking and enjoying their time of the year, investing in a high level of smoking and buying tobacco in different forms. When we look at the statistics of Macedonia, we would consider that the tradition of smoking is prevalent in the country. And therefore, they have been on the rise topping the list of smokers. Moreover, not only do adults have high rates of smokers in Macedonia, but here the children also have an urge to consume tobacco.

  1. Russia:

Is another part of the world that has witnessed a high synergy of smokers around. On average, almost 40% of Russia’s population is into smoking. Therefore, the total number of smokers is almost 44 million, which is supposed to be in great number. On average, in Russia, adult smokers consume 2690 cigarettes per year.

Considering the alarming rise in the level of smokers each year. We are now fully equipped to know where we could find some of the best smoke shops near me and also look out for the best cigar shops as well.

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