Which is the best subwoofer for a car with a built-in amplifier?

Which is the best subwoofer for a car with a built-in amplifier?

Subwoofers are common in all cars. But subwoofers with amplifiers are recommended for music lovers. Some also spend simply on the amplified subwoofers flaunt the money. Everyone craves to listen to crystal clear music. These sub-woofers with an in-built amplifier helps in it. The best subwoofer for car in India offers a high-quality sound with good bass.

Most people are in a dilemma about what subwoofer to buy and they end up buying a regular CD player. Most Subwoofer under 10000 come with the best quality. Amplifiers give satisfaction by providing quality music. Adding an amplifier to the subwoofer is the best thing to do. Amplifiers are chosen by the requirement because amplifiers can bring out music soft, high, low, fine detail, etc. Amplifiers are very compatible which can easily fit any car. There are the best car subwoofer for deep bass.

Subwoofers were first invented in the 1960s to add bass to cinema tracks. These subwoofers are so detailed that an earthquake can also be heard in the cinema. In the 1970s subwoofers became very popular among the people. Though the subwoofer is popular in cinemas and clubs, on the other hand, it has started becoming popular for cars too and the market has got the best rated subwoofer for car soon. Low frequencies can be handled by these modern subwoofers in a car. Most subwoofers are installed in the boot or trunk which are facing towards the back seat. Because most people used the back seats for a car’s entertainment system. But they are not the system. Always choose the best bass subwoofer for car.

If a song is listened to with a detailed sound, it can be very cherished. A deep, and booming bass coming out of the car subwoofers is a must for many car drivers. A Subwoofer under 10000 which is good bass can help in listening to the favorite tunes peacefully. This also helps in keeping the mental health and mind good which can improve the concentration on driving by avoiding accidents. If someone is new to a subwoofer with an in-built amplifier, then they will be overwhelmed for the first time. Before buying from the best subwoofer for car, one should research well enough.

What does an amplifier in a car do?

  • Amplifiers filter the track sound which can help in overcoming the road noise. It also improves the track quality and understandability.
  • The system’s headroom is increased by amplifiers which means it can play the drops and sudden blasts of a track without any disturbance.
  • Some subwoofers are not worth it if they don’t have an amplifier. In simple words, an amplifier is the soul of a subwoofer.
  • Bass sounds need a lot of power and space to create a proper sound. Amplifiers help in it.

Types of amplifiers in a car

4-channel amplifiers

These are simple and powerful for front and rear speakers. 4-channel amplifiers come in four different sizes:

  • 40 to 50 watts- This connects to factory wiring which can also fit behind the dashboard.
  • 50 watts- Most people prefer this because it can produce plenty of volume in a car.
  • 75 watts- These amplifiers are for those who like to enjoy the music louder in a larger vehicle.
  • 100-up watts- This boosts the bass and gives a clear sound that can be competitive to other subwoofers.

Two speakers with their front channels plus a subwoofer from bridged rear channels to a 4-channel amplifier. Two speakers with their front channels plus a subwoofer from bridged rear channels to a 4-channel amplifier. Many people start with a 4 channel amplifier system by building it piece by piece.  A dedicated subwoofer amplifier is added which is connected to the rear speakers. Near the dash and stereo is the best choice for these amplifiers to be fit.

Mono (1-channel) amplifiers

Mono amplifier is for those who want to add only a subwoofer to an existing sound system. This amplifier comes with the bass EQ and a low-pass filter that can reproduce the bass that comes out louder and clear.

Since this is a separate addition to the existing sound system, the bass should be blended and balanced with the system existing.

  • 100 watts RMS of power for bass is enough if a car’s factory stereo is used.
  • 200 to 300 watts RMS is enough if it is an aftermarket receiver.
  •  If it has 50 watts RMS per channel amplified speakers, then 500 watts RMS of bass would do better.
  •  If it has 75 watts RMS per channel amplified speakers, then 750 watts to 1000 watts RMS of bass would do better.

5-channel amplifiers

This is a complete centralized all control full sound system with four speakers and a sub. 5-channel amplifiers help in running a sound system without using two sets of wires for a speaker and subwoofer. This also helps in time-saving and energy-saving. A 2-way front stage and subwoofer system can be controlled completely by running a 5-channel amplifier. The main channel powers the subwoofer, two tweeters, and the remaining two midrange speakers.

2-channel amplifiers

2-channel amplifiers are very popular among sports cars and big trucks. These are the most efficient and powerful amplifiers compared to other amplifiers. A subwoofer can also be handled with the help of a 2-channel amplifier while it is bridged. Mono amplifier and 2-channel amplifier are the two best picks because of the power. Most people get stuck while choosing the best car speakers for bass and sound quality India. And 4 and 5 channel amplifiers are more versatile and powerful compared to the other amplifiers. These are the best subwoofer in india.

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