Vitamin C

Which vitamin deficiency may increase coronavirus?

According to experts study, it is found that the lack of vitamin D may cause of spreading the coronavirus.

There is a deep link between the coronavirus and deficiency of vitamin D for increasing the chances of death.

According an Expert’s study that is published in the novel “journal Plus One”, it is explained clearly the link between coronavirus and the lack of vitamin D.

It is the study of April 2020 and Feb 2021, the link between vitamin D and coronavirus.

Through the examination of patients that are infected due to the coronavirus with the lack of vitamin D. vitamin D deficiency is the main cause of spreading the coronavirus.

According to research, the patients’ age, weather, gender, and also chronic illness and in the last the deficiency of vitamin D is the main cause for increasing the risk of coronavirus.

The researchers said about vitamin D that it is best for protecting from the coronavirus and maintaining the health of the human body.

After the research on vitamin D, the doctors advised the people of taking the use vitamin D supplements.

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