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Why do you need to invest in a comfortable sofa bed

Your home is not complete without a sofa bed. Unfortunately, some buyers don’t put enough thought into this purchase and end up with one that causes them more trouble than it’s worth. Here are several reasons why you need to buy a comfortable sofa bed.

1) You live in an apartment, and you want storage space.

Sofa beds usually come equipped with built-in drawers for storing extra sheets, pillows, and blankets. This feature alone makes them so popular among renters. No wonder so many people prefer to buy a sofa bed instead of regular couches or loveseats – they offer two great pieces of furniture combined into one unit.

2) You have small children, and you don’t want them to play on the floor.

It’s hard enough to convince your kids to sleep in their beds. At least if they’re sleeping on a comfortable sofa bed, you know that they will not fall out of it and hurt themselves. The safety rails for elevated mattresses or foam bumpers for standard ones make this piece of furniture even safer than regular beds.

3) Your guests don’t like sleeping on twin-size air mattresses.

You might be surprised, but some people prefer a comfortable sofa bed over an inflatable mattress. The main reason is that these units provide more support and feel more similar to real beds than air mattresses. If you have been using twin-size air mattresses as guest beds for years, it may be time to upgrade your guest room with a sofa bed that will leave visitors much more satisfied.

4) You like entertaining guests in your home (and they complain when the couches are too small)

Even if you have large sofas in your living room for everyone to sit comfortably, not all of your guests will fit onto them. If you often entertain large groups of people at once, consider buying a comfortable sofa bed instead – it can turn any extra space into an instant bedroom.

5) You want an affordable way to redecorate your apartment.

If you’re on the hunt for pieces of furniture that provide great functionality at low prices, then you should consider this furniture category. Comfortable sofa beds come in a wide range of styles, shapes, and designs. You can find one that is just right for your home – from elegant leather couches perfect for an upscale living room to rustic futons that go well with country interiors.

6) You have pets who shed everywhere

Dogs and cats are notorious for shedding all over the house – furniture included. However, they will not be able to scratch a cushion-covered sofa bed or pull out its stuffing. This piece of furniture combines great comfort with incredible durability, so if you have small children and animals at home, this unit might be the best solution for you.

7) Your guests like sleeping on regular beds, but you like the convenience of having more than one bedroom

Even if some of your guests are comfortable sleeping on couches, not all of them will feel good about it. If one of your friends has a bad back or any other medical condition that prevents him/her from sleeping on an unconventionally soft surface, you may want to buy a regular bed. A sofa bed is a perfect solution because it can function as both – a couch during the day and a comfy queen-size bed at night.


Besides having many practical applications, comfortable sofa beds are aesthetically pleasing. They come in a wide range of styles and sizes that will suit the décor of any room you place them in.

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