Rugs and Carpets

Why Homeowners Should Embrace Rugs and Carpets

When it comes to rugs and carpets, you might think of them as just simple decorations. But these home pieces are total multitaskers, making them a must-have in every home.

Carpets and rugs can instantly transform a room by changing its look and mood. They also have a wide range of practical benefits – from making your home and warm and cozy to minimizing noise.

But besides increasing the comfort and warmth of a room, here are five other reasons why you should start embracing the use of eco-friendly rugs and Rols Luna wool carpets now.

Rugs and carpets help promote safety inside the home.

Carpets offer safety and protection for the entire family, especially if you are living with kids and seniors. They are ideal for minimizing falls and slips, cushioning footsteps, and preventing injuries.

For instance, adding a runner along hallways can lower the risk of injuries from falling and slipping mishaps whenever your little ones play and run. Putting a rug over a floor that has been cleaned also prevents slipping hazards.

They help reduce indoor noise.

The sound of running and walking or objects being dropped on hard surfaces can be annoying. Rugs and carpets can help reduce noise. They are not just quieter to walk on, but they also absorb sound.

You might notice an echo in your new house at the start of your moving day, but as you install carpets and layer rugs, you’ll find the echo fading. So if you think that the hallway or the open floor plans have too much of an echo or noise, adding items that are effective at noise reduction can help.

They are hypoallergenic.

For decades, people with different types of allergies have been advised not to use rugs and carpeting because these trap allergens. But recent studies have shown that their ability to trap common allergy triggers like dust, dander, and pollen is beneficial to allergy sufferers as they keep them out of the air, thereby alleviating breathing problems. 

Still, make sure to choose carpets made of the most effective allergy-controlling fiber. And most importantly, clean your rugs and carpets thoroughly on a regular basis.

They tie living spaces together.

Most people consider rugs as a great finishing touch for rooms. But they can also be your starting point when decorating because they provide you with a wide selection of sizes, designs, and colors to begin with. They can define a seating area in your home office, a conversation area in your living room, and the eating area in the kitchen. Installing wall-to-wall carpeting is a practical way to separate rooms with no defining walls and designate areas.

At the same time, rugs can help anchor furniture to change the overall look of a room. They can make your living spaces look cohesive and connected. The key is to place rugs under the biggest piece or group of furnishings to anchor the space.

They are easy to clean.

Lastly, rugs and carpets are easy to clean. Regular vacuuming will remove trapped dust and dirt easily. When something gets spilled or if an accident occurs, removing the stain can be as easy as using a cloth to absorb all the liquid, or you can invest in a wet/dry vacuum cleaner that can also act as a blower. But for tougher carpet stains, consider using safe, professional cleaning products or let the professionals deal with them.

Adding carpets and rugs does more than make your home more beautiful and comfortable. They are versatile and practical options for keeping your living spaces safer, quieter, and healthier.

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