Why investing in health insurance is a matter of necessity?

he healthcare plans provided by the top-notch companies are considered to be the best possible way of ensuring that people can continue saying that health is wealth. Different kinds of changing lifestyle habits and increase in the pollution levels always have a severe impact on the health of the individuals and these also lead to different kinds of issues associated with health conditions and medical problems. So, the medical cost associated with the treatment of all these kinds of problems is constantly on the rise and to safeguard the finances against medical bills it is very much important for people to invest in health insurance plans because these kinds of health care plans are considered to be the best possible way of covering the hospitalisation expenditures, pre-hospitalisation charges and the post hospitalisation expenditures.


 Following are the most important advantages of purchasing the healthcare plan for the people:


  • It will help in providing them with complete coverage against the medical expenses: The very basic purpose of the medical insurance is to receive the best possible medical care without any kind of strain on the finances of the individuals and the health insurance plans will always help in providing the people with comprehensive protection against medical cost. It will also help in covering the hospitalisation expenditures, domiciliary expenses, ambulance charges, day-care procedure in various other kinds of things which is the main reason that individuals will be very much successful in terms of focusing on their speedy recovery rather than worrying about the charges of the whole process and the expenditure element. Hence, this is considered to be one of the best possible ways of ensuring a stress-free treatment without any kind of issue.
  • It will help in providing cover against critical illnesses: The insurance providers nowadays always help in providing critical illness insurance which will be a standalone plan or will be considered to be as a rider above the basic plan. These kinds of insurance policies will help in covering the life of the individuals against problems like kidney failure, bone marrow transplant, loss of limbs and various other kinds of things. Hence, depending upon this particular diagnosis of critical illness from the predetermined list the individuals will be entitled to receive a lump sum amount which they can perfectly utilise to meet the illness-related cost, daily expenses and several other kinds of financial obligations as well.
  • It comes with cashless claim benefit: Depending on the healthcare plan is also a very good idea for the people because there are several kinds of insurance providers that help in providing the people with cashless claim facility and under this particular arrangement they do not need to make even a single penny in terms of payment to the hospital the hospitalisation expenditures will be perfectly settled out by the company directly to the hospital. To avail this particular advantage it is very much important for the people to get admitted only into one of the insurer network hospital so that they can fill out a pre-authorisation form and display the health insurance to avail the cashless benefits without any kind of issue throughout the process.
  • It will help in providing the people with additional protection over and above the employer cover: There are several kinds of organisations that help in covering their employees under the group insurance plan however all these kinds of policies are never tailor-made as per the needs and requirements of the individuals which is the main reason that they need to get some of the other policies as well throughout the process. In some of the cases, the individuals might be left uninsured for example in the case if they get retired or if they leave the job. So, the employees of every organisation should cover themselves against the event by purchasing a health cover individually apart from the group insurance policy being purchased by the organisations.
  • Such policies come with an immense number of tax-related advantages: The healthcare plans also come with different kinds of tax-related advantages and the premium paid towards these kinds of healthcare policies will be very much eligible for the deductions under section 80 D of the Income Tax Act 1961. In the cases of individuals, Rs.25, 000 for himself and his family will be a deduction, in the cases of spouse or individual who is 60 years of old deduction of Rs.50, 000 will be available, an additional deduction for the insurance of parents will be available up to Rs.25, 000, uninsured super citizens medical expenditure will be allowed up to Rs.50, 000 and the deduction of Rs.5000 will even be allowed for this under the section of payment of preventive health check-up.


 Hence, it is very much advisable for the people to take into consideration the above-mentioned advantages so that they end up purchasing the healthcare plans from the house of Care insurance and avail themselves the advantages of living a stress-free life very easily.

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