Laminate Floor Slippery

Why Is My Laminate Floor Slippery?

A laminate floor is a top choice for most homeowners due to the benefits that come with it. Not only are laminate floors durable, but they also give the home an elegant and expensive look. In addition to the appeal of the floor type, it is inexpensive which is why it has become a common fixture in a lot of homes. Despite the many benefits of laminate floors, they tend to be slippery and this often causes falls and accidents. This article will highlight the reasons why your laminate floor is slippery.

Five Reasons Why Your Laminate Floor is Slippery

  • Improper Cleaning: Leaving your laminate floor dirty and cleaning it in the wrong way, will cause it to be slippery. This is why it is essential that you clean your floor regularly and with the right techniques. Some of the problems that can come from your cleaning method include:

– Using Too Much Water: Use just enough water when cleaning your laminate floor. This will prevent swelling that occurs when water seeps into the floor cracks.

– Mopping Wrongly: You need to mop your laminate floor with clean water always. Do not mop with used water, as this will leave your areas dirty, and cause the floor to be slippery. Use microfiber mops for the best results, and ensure that the floor is completely dry before moving on it.

– Wrong Cleaner: Using the wrong cleaner can always leave your laminate floor slippery. Check your cleaner and be sure that it does not contain oil.

  • Wrong Footwear: Wearing the wrong footwear on the laminate floor is another reason for slipping on laminate floors. For safety, wear shoes with rubber soles when walking on laminate floors in the house. Grip socks also blend perfectly with laminate floors. Do not wear dirty shoes on laminate floors, as it leaves the floor full of dust and consequently slippery.
  • Damage from Household Items: Household appliances and furniture can cause laminate floors to be slippery, by scratching them. It is important to watch these items by placing protectors around them.
  • Damage from Pets: Pets and plants can also be culpable when it comes to damaging laminate floors. Pets damage laminate floors by scratching with their paws. They also dampen the floor when drinking water most times. Plants with overflowing pots will cause laminate floors to be slippery when they leak onto the ground. Always watch your pets and place a protector around the area where they eat. Watch the water in your plant pots, and move them to areas of the home where it cannot leak onto the laminate floor.
  • Sunlight: Laminate floors can also be affected by sunlight. Exposure to sunlight will cause your laminate floor to fade and wear quickly, resulting in slipperiness. Install curtains or window blinds to control the amount of direct sunlight that gets into your house.


To find a long-lasting solution to the slipperiness of your floor, contact a flooring service that specializes in epoxy floor coating.

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